5 Interesting Things to do and see in Bolinao Pangasinan

Bolinao Pangasinan may not be as famous as other beach destinations in Palawan or Visayas but with its stunning beaches, natural wonders and friendly people – It’s hard not to fall in love with this place. Bolinao is fast becoming a favorite destination by sun seekers and for some tourists, its their idea of paradise.

This place is not just famous for its white sand beach and crystal clear waters, in fact there are other interesting thing to do and see in Bolinao.

Heres 5 Interesting Things to do and see in Bolinao Pangasinan:

1) Visit the Lighthouse at Cape Bolinao

Cape Bolinao photo by Jigs Tenorio
Cape Bolinao photo by Jigs Tenorio

This is ranked as the second highest Lighthouse in Philippines. The main attraction of Cape Bolinao is the picturesque view of the West Philippine Sea. The lighthouse was built by the Americans in 1903 on a 351 feet (107 m) high promontory at the western part of Cape Bolinao, the lighthouse still sends signals to vessels passing by the area. The blue waters of the Lingayen Gulf and South China Sea make a brilliant background for lifetime photos.

2) Spend overnight at Patar Beach

Patar Beach photo by Jaya
Patar Beach photo by Jaya

There are limited water sports activity in the area but it makes a good hangout point if you enjoy swimming and spending time under the sun. There are plenty of Nipa Hut for rent near the beach where you can eat, sleep and party all night with your friends.

3) Witness the Journey of Sun

Patar Sunset photo by Rawen Balmaña
Patar Sunset photo by Rawen Balmaña

Watching the sun rise and sun set is a really sublime experience. However, you’ll have to wake up very early to catch up with the sunrise, it’s better; if your resort offers these views. If you love chasing sunsets then Bolinao is a perfect place for you. The skies of Bolinao provides a colorful natural canvas which makes this town a favorite place to visit by sunset chasers.

4) Visit the Enchanted Cave

Fresh Water Pool inside Enchanted Cave photo by Jeff Velasco
Fresh Water Pool inside Enchanted Cave photo by Jeff Velasco

Enchanted Cave is the most beautiful of Bolinao’s 3 caves, it is made of coral. Inside the Enchanted Cave, tourists can swim in a clean emerald colored fresh water. If you are avoiding salt water and sun exposure then this is the best place for you.

5) Explore the Balingasay River

Bolinao Falls photo by Gina Sanoy
Bolinao Falls photo by Gina Sanoy

This river is famous for its green waters and the mangrove trees outlining the deep river. Balingasay River is an immaculate example of what a river should be. You can take a banca or kayak through bakawan groves and to conclude your river cruise, enjoy swimming at the famous Bolinao Falls.

Besides the sea and the beaches, Bolinao visitors can also soak in its rich history and heritage. Checkout our Bolinao Travel Guide to learn more about Bolinao’s natural and man-made wonders.

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