Exploring the Municipality of Romblon – Romblon Media Tour Day 2

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Upon arriving the Port of Romblon, we were welcomed by the Municipal Mayor Gerald S. Montojo together with the local and provincial tourism officers. We also witnessed the upbeat street dance performance from Biniray Ati-atihan Festival dancers.

2 Breakfast at Dream Paradise Resort

Breakfast at Dream Paradise Resort

From the port, we proceeded to Dream Paradise Mountain Resort – our official residence for our first day in Romblon.  After having breakfast, we had enough time to rest and freshen up for our next set of activities.

1 Dream Paradise Resort in Romblon

Dream Paradise Mountain Resort in Romblon

Before leaving the resort for our Rolling tour of the Municipality of Romblon, we sampled some local delicacies hosted by the Dream Paradise Mountain Resort.

3 Saint Joseph Cathedral in Romblon

Saint Joseph Cathedral in Romblon

Our first stop was at Saint Joseph Cathedral – one of the oldest man-made structure in Romblon with a separate belfry. From the cathedral, we headed to the Marble Slap production area to see how Marble statues and other marble products are being made.

4 Marble Sculptures

Marble Sculptures

Romblon province is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful road less traveled destinations located in the heart of the Philippine archipelago. Due to limited transportation options, Romblon used to be unreachable by tourists but not anymore, 2Go ferry service now offers Manila to Romblon route and this will definitely help in the expansion of the tourism industry in the Island Province.

5 Fort San Adres

Fort San Andres

The Island of Romblon is known as the Marble Capital of the Philippines and with this new route, Local Marble industry now has a faster option for the logistics of their Marble related products.

6 Biniray Ati-Atihan Festival Dancers

Biniray Ati-Atihan Festival Dancers

After visiting the Marble Slap production, we also visited Fort San Andres – the oldest man-made structure in Romblon. Located in an elevated area near the port, Fort San Andres provides a beautiful panoramic view of the town, the Port of Romblon and the nearby islands.

7 Cobrador Island in Romblon

Cobrador Island in Romblon

From the beautiful port, we headed to the Port of Romblon for our first beach destination – Isla de Cobrador. Also known as Cobrador Island, this island has a small community but the place looks like totally untouched. There are kubo huts available for rent in the island but there is no available resort to accommodate tourists as of this writing.

9 Lunch in Cobrador Island

Lunch in Cobrador Island

After the short program, we enjoyed some of the local dishes hosted by the Municipal Mayor. Our lunch was followed by several activities. Some went swimming while others enjoyed fishing and Caving.

8 Punta Corazon Resort in Romblon

Punta Corazon Resort in Romblon

From Cobrador Island, we headed to Punta Corazon Resort to have some refreshments and dinner while viewing the beautiful sunset. During our dinner, we sampled some of Romblon’s local cuisine while enjoying a simple but entertaining cultural presentation from the local tourism office.

Punta Corazon Resort is a nice and secluded beach resort that has a beautiful beach front and a fantastic area for sunset viewing.

After having dinner, we proceeded back to Dream Paradise Mountain Resort to rest and prepare for our 3rd day set of activities.  It was really a tiring day but it was truly exciting and definitely a memorable one.

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