Viral Travel Video: From Giant Stairway to Delightful Paradise

Discover Philippines: From Giant Stairway to Delightful Paradise

There’s no need to make a bet. Coming to the Philippines is never a win or lose game. It’s always a win-win for everybody. If asked to name a few of the most visited places in the Philippines, travelers and the Filipinos themselves might think about Banaue Rice Terraces in Cordillera and El Nido in Palawan.

Travel Philippines Viral Video
Travel Philippines Viral Video

About 2, 000 years ago, a tribal group in Cordillera called the Ifugaos, thought of the most brilliant way to grow rice crops on the mountains. This creative strategy resulted in a man-made scenic tourist destination that looks like a gigantic, infinite green stairway that is still alive today.

Fly a few more kilometers to Palawan and you’ll find yourself wanting to live in the delightful paradise of El Nido. This island nestled among large limestone cliffs is the home of unspoiled white beaches, sky-blue waters, rich marine life, and picture-perfect views.

Travel Videos Philippines Banaue and El Nido Palawan

Luscious treats, mouthwatering cuisines, friendly people, thousands of breathtaking views- what more? This country has it all. What you need to do is to pack your stuff and indulge your senses with everything amazing!

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