DBP RoRo Interisland Race 2009 – A Photo Essay

Covering a race is not that easy, we sometimes need to follow the racers activity to capture each and every single detail and apart from following the racers on every pit stop, we also need to capture each moment whether its exhilirating, happy or sad (not applicable :).

I was invited to cover the last years RoRo Adventure race but unfortunately i was scheduled to visit and conquer Batanes so I had to take a rain check. A couple of months ago, I was invited again by Blooey to cover and experience the yearly Interisland race sponsored by the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Cebu - B?
Cebu – B?

It took us almost 3 hours before we finally reached Siargao, We had to stopover in Cebu since Cebu Pacific does not have a direct flight to Siargao.

Cebu Airport
Cebu International Airport

Siargao Leg – Day 1 – May 15,2009

team Island Hoppers which was composed of Taj Almonte, Kix Lagria and actress / commercial model Serena Dalrymple
Team Island Hoppers

Eric and I were not able to join the advance party in Siargao but we were able to follow in Siargao on the first day of the race. The race started when we were still in Cebu but we were lucky to witness Team Island Hoppers arriving in the last and final Siargao pit stop.

DBP RoRo Race Teams in Maasin Southern Leyte
Racers in Maasin Southern Leyte

We were all scheduled to leave Siargao at around 3pm but the heavy downpours prevented us from leaving the island on time. After almost two hours, we finally arrived in Surigao for our next RoRo trip to Maasin Southern Leyte for the next leg.

RoRo Port in Maasin Leyte
RoRo in Maasin Leyte

We arrived in Maasin at around past 12mn then we went straight to Southern Comfort Inn to spend the rest of the evening.

Early Morning in Maasin Leyte
Good Morning:)

Camotes Island Leg – Day 2 – May 16, 2009

Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant
Power Breakfast

After our breakfast in Kinamot Restaurant, we spent almost half day on the road heading to Ormoc Leyte. Upon arrival in Ormoc, we visited the DBP Ormoc branch for some refreshments before heading to Pardis Grill for lunch.

Racers in DBP Ormoc Branch
DBP Ormoc Branch Stopover

While waiting for the next RoRo trip, Joaqui of Team Surf Riders initiated a “trip to Jerusalem” fun game which we all enjoyed.

Trip to Jerusalem
Trip to Jerusalem

While on our way to to Poro, Camotes Island, racers were gathered to complete a simple but time consuming task which is to assemble a DBP roro race logo puzzle.

Task inside the RoRo
Surprise Task

Unfortunately, team Island Hoppers which was composed of Taj Almonte, Kix Lagria and actress / commercial model Serena Dalrymple were eliminated being the last team to complete the task.

Roro in Camotes Island
Roro in Camotes Island

After few hours, we finally arrived in Camotes Island and since we reached the island just after the sunset, we never got the chance to witness the beauty of the island but the locals warm welcome was truly exceptional.

Getting Ready in Camotes Island
Leny Ledesma with the Racers

Right after we arrived in the Camotes Island, racers prepared for the next leg of the race which involves running, swimming and fishing at the Buho Rock resort.

Dinner in Danao Cebu
Dinner in Danao Cebu with Blooey Singson, Serena Dalrymple, Gian Carlos and Ayie Villa

Team Beach Squad, Tunat and Nat-nat Hildawa and Viva Hot Babe Hazel Cabrera where the last to arrive in the pit stop and were the second team to be eliminated from the race.

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Up next… Roro Trip to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

Written by Melo Villareal

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