DBP Roro Race Experience Part 2

After an exciting evening race in Camotes Island, we left the island for an overnight stop in Danao City in Cebu. The locals of Danao served one the best dinner we’ve ever had in the entire race. Imagine fresh Tuna sashimi and Cebu’s finest lechon – Anthony Bourdain once said “Its the best roasted pig in the world” well who doesnt agree?.

From Toledo City we left for San Carlos city at around 7am and after almost two hours, we finally arrived in San Carlos City. We were all welcomed by the local officials together with the PintaFlores Festival dancers wearing colorful costumes in the arrival area of San Carlos RoRo terminal.

Racers in San Carlos City Negros Occidental
RoRo Racers in San Carlos City RoRo Terminal

It was my first time in San Carlos and Ive been planning to visit this City to watch and experience the Pintaflores Festival.. good thing I saw a group of dancers performing their famous dance steps hmmm it made me decide to go back and watch the real street dancing competition.

Pintaflores Festival San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
Pintaflores Festival Dancers

One of the simplest but most challenging game was when they were tasked to manually remove peanuts from their shells (Id rather do a one kilometer run seriously LOL) till they gather half kilo of de-shelled peanuts and head to the next stop in which they have to learn the four basic Pintaflores Dance steps.

Team Surf Riders - Rodjun Cruz, Joaqui Tupas and Jana Estrevillo
Team Surf Riders – Rodjun Cruz, Joaqui Tupas and Jana Estrevillo

The pit stop was in the beautiful and spacious San Carlos City Hall. Team Wave Catchers arrived first at the pit stop while team Heat Blasters arrived last, but due to minor violations from the other teams, team Fun Explorers moved up to first place and unfortunately, Team Flipflops with Dino Gilladoga, Ace Cu and PBB housemate Cass Ponti were the third team eliminated from the  DBP RoRo race.

Team Aquaholics Trisha Halili and Lea Aspe
Team Aquaholics with Pintaflores Dancers

The San Carlos City officials was so accommodating, they even let us rest inside their office before heading to our next destination.

Trisha Halili and Aston Sarmiento
Trisha Halili and Anton Sarmiento while resting inside San Carlos City Hall

From San Carlos City, we visited the town called Don Salvador Benedicto – Negros Occidental’s Summer Capital where we had our lunch hosted by Mayor Nene dela Cruz.

San Carlos City Trysikad
San Carlos City’s famous Trysikad

It was noon time when we left the beautiful town of Don Salvador Benedicto heading to the Bacolod City – the city of smiles. Im excited not because we will be in another beautiful destination but because of the Calea Cheese Cakes that Blooey and Eric was raving about.

Don Salvador Benedicto - Mayor Nene dela Cruz House
Mayor Nene dela Cruz house in Don Salvador Benedicto

Upon arrival in Bacolod, all of were supposed to attend the Sunday mass in Hua Ming but Blooey, Gail, Eric, Serena, Gian Carlo and myself went to Kuppa instead to have our caffeine and sugar load.

Serena Dalrymple and Gian Carlos in Kuppa
Our own Pit Stop

From Bacolod, we took RoRo to reach IloIlo City via Dumangas Port. Our next task? to sleep for just 5 hours in preparation for our road trip to Caticlan… Yup its the jump of point to BORACAY… Oh dear friend its not BORA OK? its Boracay.

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  1. Mike says

    Please ask the race organisers why expats like myself a brtish citizen resident in the Philippines married to a filipina with a 13 a/g resident visa are NOT allowed to enter the race

  2. Berenguel says

    …San Carlos city is very wonderful place…

  3. Boracay says

    Cool pics. Nice trippings. It’s like the amazing race.. 😀

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