Experience Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival 2013

There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy or gets carried away by music.  The same thing is true with arts.  Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2013 features the best of Filipino music on the beach-shores and on the highlands of Malasimbo. The music and arts festival this year is round the corner and it’s time for all the musicians and artists to showcase their best talents.  The Malasimbo Arts and Music festival will be on March 1-3, 2013 at Puerto Galera in Philippines.

Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival 2013
2013 Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival

Then music festival has drawn several thousands of people from its advent in 2011. There is one special thing about music, it does not pain when it hits.  This is true and very evident from the biggest crowd reaching the place just to witness and enjoy music.

May be it is two or three in the morning but music still flows vibrantly and reaches the ears of the listeners in the festival.  There are bands performing without taking a look at what is happening. The Filipino music has always got something to say and it expresses some of the in expressible things. When there is a lot happening with music and arts, there is a need for a strong description about the place.

The music and arts festival takes place in the Mindoro Island, 120km South of Manila. The port of Puerto Galera was named as a port in the storm for Spanish galleons which is now a reserved site of UNESCO. It is a place where young travelers from Asia and around the world visit to enjoy the beauty and climate. There is a broad clearing lined up with palm trees and the lights installed on the path ways gives the place a kaleidoscopic view.

The show is something special as it keeps its aim simple, focusing only on Filipino music rather than running events across the globe.  The festival showcases all kinds of Filipino music from Jazz to soul, hip-hop to beat music, psycho rock and many other permutations more than one can imagine. The festival is a real and true spirit of celebration and is completely a rare occurrence.

The 2013 Malasimbo Music and Arts festival is going to take the breath-away from all the music lovers.  It is going to be as exciting and different.  The show will feature Jimmy Cliff and Joss Stone. The festival will be held in a grass terraced amphitheater at the foothills of Malasimbo. Now, the tourists have a big deal to learn from this arts and music festival. The visitors can now get rid of their fear for fire learning the art of Poi or dancing at Malasimbo. One can also learn and admire some of the best ways of sculpture making in the festival. There is nothing that can beat the talent of Filipino artists. There is a lot going to happen in Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival 2013 and it is better to ensure the tickets.

The tickets for the Festival are on sale in ticketworld.com.  The passes will ensure and guarantee entry to the classy music and arts festival of Philippines. There are one-two or three day passes which allows entry into the main festival grounds from 6pm to 6am. It is better to make sure of the tickets as the entry is limited and there is a huge crowd expected at the festival.

Social Networking giant Facebook is also promoting the festival and one can make their enquires at www.facebook.com/malasimbofestival


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