Breakfast in Petaling Street : Kuala Lumpur’s ChinaTown

Hotel Food can be boring sometimes so after checking my emails and a quick shower, I headed to Chinatown to find a good breakfast place. Since its too early when I arrived and most places are still closed, I decided to walk around Petaling Street and look for something interesting. I discovered an alley that’s being converted to a flea market every Sunday and spend almost an hour for a good shopping finds.

kuala lumpur street food
Peking Duck and other Cold Cuts

At the end of the alley, a found a hawker place that sells noodles and chicken rice. It looks like everyone is ordering Wan Tan Mee so I decided to get one as well.

Wonton Soup
Wonton Soup

I also ordered Wonton Soup since its best paired with Wan Tan Mee according to the Filipina lady sitting right next to my table.

Wan Tan Mee
Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Mee is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia that is served with slices of char siu (Pork Asado), leafy vegetables, wan tans, and mushrooms. The noodle is very much similar to Pancit Lucban but its thinner and the Malaysians are cooking it differently.

chinese burger
Chinese Burger

After the meal I started to walk around and found another interesting stall that sells Chinese Burger. Out of curiosity, I sat down and ordered a single serving just to taste and find out what makes these burger “Chinese”.

Chinese Burger Shop
Chinese Burger Shop

After tasting the burger, I found out that instead of using a beef or pork burger patty, they used a gold coin meet with chicken floss with tomato and cucumber. The taste cant be compared to the American burger that we are used to eating but its really worth trying.

Beryl's Chocolate
Beryl’s Chocolate

While walking towards to end of Petaling Street, I went to a convince and I was lucky to find another best tasting chocolate in Malaysia – The Beryl’s Brand.

With a good shopping find, great breakfast an newly discovered chocolate, I wet back to the hotel with all smiles. What a fantastic morning!

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