Bucket List: Top 12 Best Things to do in Baler, Aurora

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Baler?

Best Things to do in Baler, Aurora

Baler Bucket List: Top Tourist Spots and Best Places to Visit in Baler, Philippines

Just 5 hours away from Manila lies Baler, dubbed as one of the Philippines’ best-surfing destinations. More than being a surfing capital of the North, the beautiful town of Aurora provides a lot of activities and historical sites where both local and foreign tourists can really appreciate and enjoy.

Best Things to do in Baler, Aurora
Best Things to do in Baler, Aurora

Here’s our list of things to see and do if you plan on having a Baler escapade anytime soon.

Visit the Famous Balete Tree

600-Year-Old Balete Tree in Baler
600-Year-Old Balete Tree in Baler

Also called the Millenium Tree, this 200-ft tall tree situated at Barangay Quirino has surely stood the test of time and has been one of Baler’s favorite tourist spots.

Locals said that it has been in its place for almost 600 plus years now and. You can take pictures and shop around the vicinity.

As a matter of fact, you can ask some of the locals to take pictures of you because they know how where the best angle from the tree is.

Surf at Sabang Beach

Non-stop waves begets non-stop surfing action in Baler
Non-stop waves beget non-stop surfing action in Baler

What better way to fully appreciate Baler than to try surf, right? The Surfing session at Sabang Beach usually cost around 300-400 pesos, including the board rental.

This beach is usually the most crowded place in Baler and is known for its long stretch of gray sandy shoreline. Before surfing, you’ll need to do the basic steps and stretching for 5 to 10 minutes, and you’re good to go.

Surf instructors will guide you for one hour, so there’s no need to worry if you’re a beginner. However, if you prefer stronger waves, you can head over at Lindy’s Point.

Chill at Baler Surfer Grill

Baler Surfer Grill, a feast for all senses
Baler Surfer Grill, a feast for all senses

Among the many dining options in Baler, the Baler Surfer Grill is considered one of the favorites among locals and tourists.

Along the long stretch in the shoreline, this one is very noticeable with a Volkswagen Beetle car parked in front. This place put up the music, surfboards, and enough wooden chair for guests to add a more authentic beach vibe.

Some of the must-tries are the grilled fish, the Bulalo, and Chicken Barbecue. Give it a try!

Visit the Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo Falls in Baler photo by Chad M
Ditumabo Falls in Baler photo by Chad M

The first thing newcomers do in Baler is visiting the Ditumabo Falls, a 20-minute trek from the starting point. Located at San Luis, the Ditumabo is also called the Mother Falls and the most rewarding trek one will experience.

Make sure you have all the energy to trek, as you’ll pass through stony paths, wooden bridges, and even cross rivers with fast currents (make sure you bring sandals to prevent slippers from being washed away).

Once you get there, you’ll be welcomed with the cold and refreshing waters and the cascading waterfall’s relaxing sound. A breathtaking destination in Baler.

Get Your Breakfast Fix at El Teodoro Canteen

Tapsilog by Yvette Tan via Flickr
Tapsilog by Yvette Tan via Flickr

El Teodoro Canteen is one of the best silogs in town. Usually, tourists tend to visit the place before starting their adventure in Baler.

It is also known for serving home-cooked meals for lunch, such as pork sinigang, tuna, dinuguan, and pinakbet.

Try Gerry Shan’s Place!

Hungry surfers usually head over at Gerry Shan’s for their Chinese and Filipino-themed buffet.

Starting at 11 in the morning, people already flock at the restaurant located at Quezon Street, Barangay 2, to taste their signature dishes.

It comes with a free-flowing iced tea as well. Definitely a must-visit!

Take a Detour at Dicasalarin Cove

Dicasalarin Beach
Dicasalarin Beach

If you want to see a breathtaking view and one of a kind destination in Baler, then head over at Dicasalarin Cover, owned by the Angara family.

You’ll get a sweeping view of the clear blue waters, amazing rock formations, and hilltops atop the lighthouse.

Other must-try activity here includes snorkeling where you’ll see the rich marine life of Baler. You can also do a picnic, but make sure to leave no trash behind.

Cross the Zabali Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge in Brgy. Zabali
Hanging Bridge in Brgy. Zabali

Crossing this bridge is not for the faint of heart. However, the views atop are amazing and definitely wonderful.

The river and the mountain views are one-of-a-kind and will definitely bring anyone some peace of mind.

Keep in mind that the wind may sway the bridge, so only bring friends who are not afraid of heights. It’s located at the endpoint of Zabali road.

Trip down Memory Lane at Museo de Baler

Museo de Baler
Museo de Baler

Know the rich history and culture of Baler and visit Museo de Baler near the Quezon Memorial Park. The two-storey museum houses several photos, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and other artworks from the Spanish, Japanese, and American occupation periods.

It is open daily from 8am to 5pm.

Visit Doña Aurora Quezon House

Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House
Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House

Just a few walks from the Baler Church lies the Doña Aurora Quezon House, the wife of the late President Manuel Quezon, where you’ll also see the presidential car inside the compound.

The house is made of wood and nipa, which is more or like an upgrade of the famous Bahay-Kubo.

Inside the well-preserved house are memorabilia, colorful paintings displayed on the walls, furniture made with bamboo, old-style flat iron, and some old coffee table. The entrance fee is 15 pesos.­

Experience Sunset at Diguisit Beach

Diguisit Rock Formations
Diguisit Rock Formations

Witness another God-given wonder when you visit Diguisit Beach, aka the Rocky Paradise.

Professional surfers usually prefer this place because waves are stronger and more challenging to surf at.

Also, rock formations called Lukso-Lukso islets are picture-perfect scenery, which also deserves a visit. Try staying until sundown!

See Baler in a Different Perspective at Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill Viewpoint
Ermita Hill Viewpoint

Another great spot to take a great picture of the Sabang Beach is heading at the Ermita Hill. Aside from providing far-reaching views of the town, it is also said that this place served as a sanctuary when it was stricken by a Tsunami in 1703.

You can visit the Tromba Marina, where a sculpture on life-size human climbing the hill was displayed to serve as a reminder of that incident.

Now that we’ve provided with you with our top 12 best things to do in Baler, an exciting weekend getaway is now within your reach!

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