Aurora Trip: Where to go and what to do

Aurora Province and Baler Travel Guide

It’s never too late to plan your next trip this summer even the Philippines’ weather bureau sees rainy season to start next week.

A province up north called Aurora has many destinations and fun activities to offer throughout the year.
Here’s where to go and what to do in Aurora Province:

Sabang Beach's waves
Sabang Beach’s waves

1. Surf in Sabang Beach in Baler

Swim, surf, and feel the water of Earth’s largest ocean, Pacific Ocean, in Sabang Beach in Baler — the capital of Aurora. The community of Sabang offers lot of accommodation near the beach.

Pacific Ocean Waves
Pacific Ocean Waves

For your surfing activity, you may opt to bring your surfboard or go for a surfing lesson for Php350.00 or some US$8.00 per hour. Since Baler is in the east, experience the perfect combination of scenic sunrise and Pacific Ocean’s waves.

2. Trek and swim in Ditumabo Falls in San Luis

In the town of San Luis, here lies the hidden beauty of Aurora, the grandest of all waterfalls in the province: the Ditumabo Falls or commonly known as Mother Falls. The waterfalls itself is some 15-meter high dropping to a small reservoir, creating a green-colored natural swimming pool, that can accommodate over 100 persons.

Ditumabo Falls
Ditumabo Falls

An extra effort — less than an hour trek and a little river crossing — is needed to witness the hidden beauty of Aurora.

Trekking and river crossing on our way to Mother Falls
Trekking and river crossing on our way to Mother Falls

From Baler Public Market and bus terminal, you can ride a tricycle going to jump-off point of Ditumabo Falls. Entrance fee to Mother Falls costs Php30.00 (less than a dollar) per head.

3. Relax and chill in Dicasalarin Cove, Baler

Visit Baler lighthouse before heading to Dicasalarin Cove
Visit Baler lighthouse before heading to Dicasalarin Cove

For only Php300 (some US$7.00), relax and chill in the beautiful cove of Dicasalarin in Baler.
Dicasalarin Cove, a private property owned by Costa Pacifica (located in Sabang Beach), is a perfect destination for your last two minutes summer getaway.

Dicasalarin Beach
Dicasalarin Beach Cove

Dicasalarin Cove is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

4. Road and food trip

Get lost and get hungry as you’ll enjoy the road trip in Aurora and love its mouthwatering and affordable food.

Baler road trip
Baler road trip

In your road trip, enjoy the view of Sierra Madre mountains and discover other interesting places in Aurora.

The mother of all waterfalls in Aurora
The mother of all waterfalls in Aurora

For your food trip, head to Yolly’s Inihaw in Baler.

How to go to Aurora?

From Metro Manila, ride Genesis Bus heading to Baler in EDSA, Cubao. This will be a six- to seven-hour ride with fares ranging from Php450.00 for the regular trip and up to Php750.00 for a non-stop trip.

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