Spending Holy Week in Sagada

Sagada for First-Time Travelers

Holy Week in Sagada

It was the day before Maundy Thursday when I finally decided to join a group who is visiting Sagada. Joining a group of people who are total strangers, personally, is a bit challenging especially for someone who loves to travel alone. The Bus station located few blocks from my house was crowded when I arrived, so it was a good thing that the tour operator already chartered a bus for us though we still waited for almost an hour together with thousands of chance passengers. Our route is quite different from most Sagada bound tourists but I believe its much more interesting.

Holy Week in Sagada
Sagada Landscape – Holy Week in Sagada

Most tourist’s jump off point to Sagada is Baguio City but we took the Banaue route. After almost 11 hours of travel and a short stop over in Santa Fe Nueva Ecija Viscaya, we finally arrived in Banaue.

Banaue Rice Terraces
Banaue Rice Terraces view from Stairway Lodge and Restaurant

It was the same Banaue that I saw two years ago, We headed to Stairway Lodge and Restaurant for our breakfast and there I was delighted to see the same set of Ifugao pay-per-photo natives in the viewpoint.

Stopover in Banaue
Yes I only date Models:)

Sagada – one of the most popular destination in Mountain Province used to be called Ganduyan. I wish this town is still called Ganduyan since the name Sagada is not uniquely Filipino. Another town in Mountainous Dagestan Region in Russia is also named Sagada.

Banaue Souvenir Shops
Souvenir Shops in Banaue Ifugao

After almost two hours of travel, we finally reached Bontoc – the provincial capital of Mountain Province. We visited Bontoc Museum – a Museum founded by a Belgian missionary sister with the goal of preserving good collection of various authentic artifacts and photographs reflecting the culture of the people in the highlands which we now call Igorot people.

Transportation in Mount Province
Transporation in Bontoc

The museum houses a huge collection of black and white photographs of beautiful mountain people that includes the tattooed tribes of Kalinga  known as the “Head Hunters”.

Road to Sagada
Road to Sagada

Outside the Museum, you can view some of the replica’s of Igorot houses, cultural and political structures that can only be found in the Mountain Province.

Mount Polis Stopover
Stopover in Mt. Polis

After a short cultural tour in Bontoc Museum, we headed to Tchayapan Restaurant for lunch. They only had a few dishes to choose from but I loved their Chayapan rice which by the way is also their best seller.

Bay-Yo Rice Terraces View Point
Bay-yo Rice Terraces view point

While heading to Sagada on a hot noon, we had a short stop over in Mount Polis – the provincial boundary of Ifugao and Mountain Province. We finally arrived in Sagada after twenty minutes. It was a different experience, I’ve never seen Pine Trees as many as the ones in Sagada.

Tchayapan's Rice
Lunch in Tchayapan’s Restaurant

We headed to Alapos View Inn where we stayed for two nights. After leaving our things in the hostel, we went to the Tourist Center to register and shop for pasalubong at some pasalubong shops nearby while checking out some good places to eat in the town center.

Lemon Pie House

That was just five in the afternoon but the weather was already freezing – event colder than Baguio and Banaue. We visited the Yoghurt house to have a late afternoon snack before heading back to the hostel.

Sagada Yoghurt House
The Team

I fell in love with Sagada after a short walk in the town center. Sagada is a good place to detoxify, relax and pamper both your mind and body. Imagine the cold weather, fresh and healthy food, peacefull environment and friendly people. Complete Package = Perfect Destination!

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  1. SaGaDa iGoRoT says

    Great photos. I look forward to the rest of your Sagada pictures.

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    Hey there. I forgot already how I got to your blog. Anyhow, love the photos. Your “Road to Sagada” looks like a painting. And that lechon kawali looks heavenly! 🙂

  3. Fran @ Dear Me says

    I miss Sagada and your shots are absolutely awesome. Love it. 🙂

  4. poche says

    wala pong santa fe sa nueva ecija haha.
    sa nueva vizcaya po yun. baka nalito kayo dahil magkasunod yun 2 province na yun

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