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Can you imagine yourself eating without taking photos of the food? If you want instant likes from your Instagram followers then all you need is to post your best food shots using your mobile phone. Food is virtually the rockstars of today’s generation. Notice how most of the posts on Instagram revolve around food—preparing the food, devouring the food and even the aftermath?

Tocilog - Pinoy Power Breakfast
Tocilog – Pinoy Power Breakfast

In recognition of this digital phenomenon and in appreciation of the Filipino food, culture and heritage, global leader in household appliance, Electrolux launches the Instant Discover-E Photo contest, an avenue for all foodies to share and exchange food pictures, or to simply drool over all delicious pictures.

The photo contest is aimed at encouraging virtually everyone to take a picture and upload scrumptious Filipino food using Instagram and Twitter. Once a week, three entries with the yummiest picture will be awarded free items, gift certificates and Food Passports for Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival!

“We are inviting everyone to discover the Filipino cuisine with us, one post at a time,” says Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager, Electrolux Philippines. “We have made this contest as simple as possible—all they have to do is take a photo of any food, post with the hashtag #DiscoverE and tag @ElectroluxPH on Instagram or Twitter and they will get a chance to win.”

Contest period is from between May 15, 2013 and June 30, 2013. Winners will be announced every week. For more information about Instant Discover-E Photo Contest and the Electrolux Discover-E campaign, visit

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Heres how easy to join the contest : Take a photo of any food, post with the hashtag #DiscoverE and tag @ElectroluxPH @MeloVillareal on Instagram or @MeloVillareal Twitter and get a chance to win fabulous prices.

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