Holidaying In Hawaii : An Island Assortment

Road tripping around Oahu photo by @waikatospear via Unsplash

Holidaying In Hawaii

It is often that when describing a holiday location, the phrase “there is something for everyone to enjoy” is used. Whilst hating to follow this crowd, Hawaii completely fits this cliché. Whether shopping or surfing, dining or diving, Hawaii simply has the best to offer. However, you will have to pick the right island to suit your needs.

the mokulua islands off lanikai beach, oahu
the mokulua islands off lanikai beach, oahu

The most popular island out of Hawaii’s collection is Oahu, home to the state capital of Honolulu. This is where direct flights will land and where the majority of the shops and surf are. Families are also recommended to visit as there are attractions such as Sea Life Park, where visitors can interact directly with the sea creatures, such as swimming with dolphins and sea lions as well as spectacular and entertaining shows with these animals.

Black Sand Beach in Maui
Black Sand Beach in Maui

Waikiki is the most popular destination in Hawaii and contains hotels, shops, restaurants and a large range of entertainment in a small stretch along the shore. Oahu is the location of the widest range of eateries in Hawaii, ranging from sophisticated restaurants to bar and grills. Rum Fire is one of the most popular restaurants. Located at the Sheraton Hotel, it serves a menu of pacific fusion cuisine that give a taste of the island. Those looking for a real treat and wishing to enjoy the stunning surroundings of the island can venture to House Without A Key. This restaurant gives you a choice of indoor or outdoor lounge dining whilst soaking up the atmosphere set by the beautiful ocean backdrop and live music.

Road tripping around Oahu photo by @waikatospear via Unsplash
Road tripping around Oahu photo by @waikatospear via Unsplash

The thrill seekers have a huge choice on this island. Surfers can enjoy the famous North Shore surfing where the majority of surf competitions are held at Haleiwa.  This location also offers boating activities such as deep-sea fishing as well as skydiving.

Road to Hana in Maui
Road to Hana in Maui

The Waterfront District supplies the majority of activity on the island. As well as being home to Aloha Tower Marketplace, the waterfront also provides scuba and snorkeling cruises as well as Jet Ski rentals.

For those wanting to discover the history of the island has the choice of Pearl Harbour as well as Iolani Palace.

The other islands of Hawaii offer a variety of activities and sites too. Maui will offer you boutique towns, peace and quiet and a world-class golf course. This island is well known as a romantic getaway for couples.

Hawaii or Big Island is perfect for those wanting to see the active volcano of Kilauea and fans of hiking, whilst Kauai offers the adventurer activities including hiking and kayaking.

Hawaii certainly spoils any visitor for a choice of cuisine, culture, adventure, and luxury.

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