8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar in Dublin

Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Dublin, Ireland

Everyone needs to visit Dublin, Ireland at least once in their life. Why? This vibrant city once run by Vikings is the bustling capital of Ireland with an amazing array of things to discover and experience. Today, Ireland is making strides in commerce and technology making one of the best cities to visit for those looking for technological convenience.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle

But there are hundreds of more reasons to visit Dublin with its fascinating history, love for the arts, thriving Irish culture, amazing natural attractions, and some of the liveliest people that travelers can encounter, it’s hard to compress it all down in this post.

One thing’s for sure though, everyone who visits Dublin will want to come back every year. So here’s of the best reasons why you should visit Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin has the Best Pubs

You’ve probably already encountered some Irish pubs outside of Ireland but there’s no denying that the best authentic traditional Irish pubs can only be found in Ireland and Dublin has some of plenty of them for everyone. Some of the pubs can go back to the Victorian era and have mastered their craft of entertaining visitors.

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The Temple Bar in Dublin
The Temple Bar in Dublin

Pubs in Dublin is the best place to experience the craic (fun) as only the Irish can do. Grab a mug of Guinness or two, enjoy the Irish music, dance a little with the locals, and just enjoy the atmospheric old traditional Irish pub and the excitement of Dublin nightlife.

They have the Freshest Food

There will be no shortage of places to eat and dishes to try while you’re in Dublin. The city and Ireland as a whole are experiencing a food renaissance and visitors have an array of options from Michelin star restaurants, local pubs, diners, and cafes, there’s something for everyone looking for the perfect atmosphere to go along with their meal.

Red Velvet Cupcakes in Dublin
Red Velvet Cupcakes in Dublin

The best part is that all of these places only serve the freshest foods using the best and freshest raw ingredients. Ireland is to have lush green grass 12 months with their cows being exclusively grass-fed. They also have some of the freshest seafood served at tables as Dublin is located right by the sea.

They have an Amazing Library

Book lovers will have the time of their lives when they’re visiting Dublin. The city is home to a historic library with an expansive collection of books and it’s located at Trinity College. Aptly named the Long Room Library, it’s renowned for its cathedral-like high ceilings and the barrel-vaulted roof.

Long Room Library
Long Room Library

Inside the library is a treasure trove of important literary works including a The Book of Kells, a religious manuscript that dates back to 800 AD and a rare copy of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic. It’s also home to a wooden harp that dates back to the 15th century which was modeled for the emblem of Ireland.

Dublin has a Long Literary History

It’s should be important to note that Dublin has a beautifully rich literary history with heavyweight literary figures making the city their stomping ground and calls it home. Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Samuel Decker, and Bram Stoker are some of the most famous authors who hailed from Dublin and visitors can take literary tours around the city to get familiarized with the authors’ past shenanigans and the labyrinthine streets and alleyways of the city.

The entire city and its people, in general, are huge advocates of the literary arts with every Irishman and woman can always sing a song or tell a poem, as the saying goes. There’s always a literary event that tourists can check out at local pubs or public places.

It has a Rich History and Culture

Dublin’s history goes over 5,000 years ago with Viking settlers and Celtic tribes roaming the lush lands with plenty of historical events that shaped the city of Dublin and its culture. This can also be said about Ireland as a whole and because of this, Dublin has an unlimited number of historic sites, centuries-old buildings, and exhibitions about its history that people can have the pleasure of visiting.

Dublin Castle photo by Wikimedia.org
Dublin Castle photo by Wikimedia.org

Museums always have great displays of different artifacts and exhibits and people always have plenty of galleries they can visit. The best part is that most of the museums and galleries in Dublin are all free.

They have Amazing Architecture

With Dublin’s long history and rich Irish culture very evident, the fact that it was ruled by the British can be easily forgotten if not for its impressive British architecture displayed almost everywhere in the city. Dublin was seen as the “second city” of the British empire and thus got beautiful imported Georgian architecture from the British which today are some of the best-preserved in the entire world.

St Patric in Dublin - Things to Do in Dublin
St Patric in Dublin – Things to Do in Dublin

This includes the aforementioned Trinity College and its Long Room Library, The Cathedral of Holy Trinity (also known as Christ Chruch Cathedral) which dates back to the Vikings era, Georgian-style rowhouses, and even large public spaces within the city.

It’s Home to St. James Gates Brewery

Guinness Open Gate Brewery by Mikel Ortega via Wikipedia CC
Guinness Open Gate Brewery By Mikel Ortega, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Dublin is famously home to St. James Gates Brewery the world-famous brewery that gives steady supplies of alcohol to the local pubs creates Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness. The brewery has been in operations for hundreds of years and was once the biggest brewery in the world. It’s most well known for creating the best quality Guinness and the public can get a tour of the brewery and try out fresh batches of beer for a fee of 8 Euros.

Bar and Restaurant in Dublin
Bar and Restaurant in Dublin

It’s a Vibrant Music City

It’s always a guarantee to hear live music every night of the week in Dublin’s pubs were Irish tunes are sung or played on instruments. Music plays a big role in entertainment in the city and its people with plenty of music festivals popping up throughout the year not to mention that Dublin is home to one of the most famous bands in the world, U2. If you’re a big music fan and love the exciting atmosphere of a lively party, Dublin is the city to go to.

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Do you have other recommended fun and interesting things to do in Dublin? Please feel free to share by posting a comment below.

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