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Visiting Ireland

Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden in Ireland

Guestpost by Anthony Bugler

Ireland is a versatile hub of unique culture, historic architecture, awe-inspiring landmarks, and endless activities for people of all ages and interests to enjoy. With such a vast array of engaging points of interest to discover and explore, visitors will be left struggling to cram the diverse opportunities available to them into their holiday.

Sunset in Ireland
Sunset in Ireland

Culturally, Ireland has many fascinating experiences on offer. Being the home of the infamous titanic, the city of Belfast offers a fascinating exhibition that even features an authentic titanic trail, in which visitors can witness the typical daily lives of ship-builders, even getting the chance to attempt Morse code in a recreated post office from the year 1912, and watching silent movies to further enhance the experience. Meanwhile, the exhibitions of Dublinia offer a similar cultural experience as it recreates medieval Dublin in fascinating detail.

Dublin also boasts several beaches to enjoy, as visitors may look to enjoy a day of relaxation or beach activities. One of the many beaches, Dollymount Strand, also boasts a nature reserve in its hinterland, with its ecological diversity achieving recognition as a UNESCO biosphere. Tourists will revel in the natural vibrancy of the environment as they sunbathe and swim on the beaches of this captivating capital.

Ashford Castle - Best Castles to Visit in Ireland
Ashford Castle – Best Castles to Visit in Ireland

Delightful days will be followed by non-stop nights as tourists enjoy the plethora of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to experience in the heart of the country’s thriving cities. Rife with pub crawls and nightclubs to enjoy, visitors will be partying long into the night amid an electrifying atmosphere. The classy Club M is one of Dublin’s most popular and stylish nightclubs, featuring 2 floors of exquisitely decorated bars and dance floors for party-goers to enjoy.

Food-wise, Ireland has endless restaurants on offer, with food spanning a broad range of cultures, including Indian, Chinese, English, and American cuisine. The mellow Blue Bar is situated next to a picturesque beach and is perfect for visitors looking to satisfy an appetite developed after a long day of swimming and fun on the seaside.

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

Inland, Ireland is also home to many parks and gardens of awe-inspiring natural beauty and vibrancy. Airfield near Dublin is a vast 35-acre stretch of lush farmland open to the public from 9-5 every day, famous for its flamboyant gardens and picturesque natural scenery. It also features a gift shop and restaurant for visitors to enjoy during the day out.

Ireland features such a broad range of attractions and activities to enjoy that visitors would never be at a loss of things to do; its nightlife, cultural heritage, natural prestige, and gastronomic proficiency all contribute to an incredible holiday destination that anyone would enjoy.

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