Visit Amazing Thailand: Top 10 Best Things To Do in Thailand

Visit Amazing Thailand - Beaches in Thailand

Visit Amazing Thailand: 10 Best Things To Do In Thailand

Are you planning to visit Amazing Thailand soon? Thailand is a beautiful country that has so many incredible things to offer. It really depends on your preference and what part of the country you are traveling to. I compiled a list of my top 10 best things to do in Thailand based on my experiences from traveling to a couple different cities in the country. Visit Thailand and checkout these activities that you can do in this Asian Jewel:

Sunset in Thailand - Visit Amazing Thailand
Sunset in Thailand – Visit Amazing Thailand

1) Go To The Grand Palace

Statue in Grand Palace Thailand
Statue in Grand Palace Thailand
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Arguably the #1 tourist attraction in all of Thailand. Beautiful and worth the trip. Just get there when it opens and drink a lot of water!

2) Floating Market

Floating Market near Bangkok
Floating Market near Bangkok

There are many floating markets in Thailand. This is one of my favorite things do to in the country. Eating Thai food and shopping for souvenirs on a boat.

3) Ride an Elephant

Elephant Ride in Thailand
Elephant Ride in Thailand

Riding an elephant is something you can’t do in most parts of the world and definitely worth making a day trip out of it where other cool activities can go along with it.

4) The Elephant Nature Park

After I went to Thailand and got on an elephant I have heard that some people are against it for various reasons. This is a fair opinion and why I’m giving an alternative of The Elephant Nature Park that is said to be a little different, but a lot of fun too.

5) Watch a Muay Thai Boxing Match

watch muai thai fight
watch muai thai fight

Muay Thai Boxing is very popular in Thailand and throughout the world. There are Great Events in Pattaya. There is an expression; “You haven’t experienced Thailand until you have experienced Muay Thai Boxing.”

6) Shopping in Bangkok

Walking in the main streets of Bangkok, shopping for souvenirs, eating food, interacting with locals, taking a ride in a tuk tuk are all great local experiences of the city.

7) Eat Street Food

Eat Pad Thai
Eat Pad Thai

Thailand is known for delicious street food and it does meet up to its expectation, however just be cautious when picking where to eat.

8) Go To The Beach

Visit Amazing Thailand - Beaches in Thailand
Visit Amazing Thailand – Beaches in Thailand

Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hot tropical climate and clear blue water. There are many options depending on where you are traveling within the country.

9) Wat Suthat

This is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. The royal temple is definitely worth the visit and very close to the Grand Palace. The Giant Swing is a famous religious structure located right in front of Wat Suthat that you can also see.

Wat Pho in Bangkok
Wat Pho in Bangkok

10) Wat Pho

Another royal Buddhist temple close to The Grand Palace worth checking out. You can see most of the temples after spending a couple hours at The Palace.

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