Boracay implemented Color coding set for windsurfers / kiters

The Boracay Windsurfers Association (BWA) has implemented a color coding scheme for their activities in this resort island for safety reasons.

water sports in boracay
Boracay Kite Boarding

Members of the windsurfing association are operating schools mostly catering to international tourists. For several years many of their clients have met accidents mainly due to erratic weather conditions.

Nenette Aguirre-Graf of the BWA said that there was no reported major incident since they have implemented the color coding scheme which is being backed by a local ordinance.

“Under the said scheme, each school will choose their own color as their identifying mark. The colors for a ribbon will then be tied into their respective kites or wind surfers. Each school is also mandated to ensure their clients wear safety helmets and vests especially during body dragging to boarding,” Graf said.

Both tourists and clients will be asked to follow color coded flags while on kite or windsurfing activities. The flags can be seen planted 10 meters away from the front beach.

Red flag signifies caution as there is an ongoing kite lessons, orange flag shows wind is over 20 knots and big red flag signifies wind is over 25 knots.

Designated areas for teaching were flagged from the TBBR, D’Mall, Boracay Terraces and Elizalde Property.

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