7 Things Not To Miss in Croatia

Landscape in Split Croatia

7 Things Not To Miss in Croatia

It may not be as popular as other countries, but Croatia is one of the best holiday destinations. It is underrated and has a lot of promise. It can provide you with a different kind of experience through its different attractions, including the following…

The southern coast of Hvar
The southern coast of Hvar


This might be a tiny island, but it has a lot to offer to its guests. One that should not be missed during your visit is the Pakleni Islands, which can be best explored through sailing. If you want a different kind of experience, you should head over to Jerolim, which has been ranked by CNN as the top naturist beach in the world. There are also wineries that you can visit, and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hidden beach in southern Dalmatia
Hidden beach in southern Dalmatia By Juraj Patekar – Hidden Beach, CC BY 2.0

Walking the Dalmatian Coast

If you are looking for a peaceful respite while enjoying stunning views, you should walk along the Dalmatian Coast. This is a heritage site and is known not only for being relaxing but also for being historically-rich. From sandy beaches to unspoiled islands, you will have a lot to discover in your walk.

Streets of Varazdin
Streets of Varazdin By Modzzak – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


Known as the little Vienna in Croatia, this is often dubbed as a city that has been born out of a history book. It is one of the best-kept secrets of the country. It has historical museums, quaint cafes, and impressive medieval castles, among other attractions. It also has cobblestone streets where only pedestrians are allowed to pass through.

Waterfall in plitvicka romanceor
Waterfall in plitvicka romanceor By This photo was taken by Roman Bonnefoy.

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia is rich in terms of natural beauty, and Plitvice Lakes is a key example of this. This national park is a UNESCO Site, which adds up to its appeal. It has sixteen lakes that are connected to each other through waterfalls with captivating appeal.  The lakes are also known for their changing colors. The best way to experience this destination is to go camping and explore the outdoors.

The historic town center of Rab
The historic town center of Rab

Rab Island

Rab Island is another secret gem of Croatia, but because of its beauty, it is slowly becoming more commercial. Nonetheless, it can still offer an authentic experience that will surely make your Croatian holiday more memorable. The sandy beach is shallow, making it perfect for families. There are also plenty of options for dining and nightlife.

Medieval fortresses
Medieval fortresses By Edwardwexler at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0


This city faces the Adriatic Sea, making it perfect if you want an impressive coastal view. This is a place where you can enjoy lots of amazing activities, aside from sunbathing. You can have a taste of some of the country’s best wines, dine while immersing in unbelievable sea views, appreciate history, enjoy the authentic nightlife, or go on a food trip.

Makarska Harbor
Makarska Harbor By Nikolaj Potanin – Flickr: Makarska II, CC BY 2.0


When it comes to intimate seaside communities, you will find lots of choices in Croatia, but one of the most charming is probably Makarska. Its best assets are the beaches, which are lined by green pinewoods. It also has a vibrant nightlife, but it is very laidback, making it the perfect destination for those who would just like to relax during their vacation. There are also activities that you can enjoy, such as going out in a banana boat.

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