4 Food Places in Vanuatu You Should Definitely Visit

Nambawan Cafe photo from their FB Page

Must-Visit Food Places in Vanuatu

There is nothing better than spending a glorious trip at a place where paradise can be seen everywhere. Holidays to Vanuatu are always a memorable escapade to the Pacific that goes beyond staying in classy resorts. A chill vibe almost always envelopes you as soon as you step on remote islands, craters of magma-filled volcanoes, local villages, and diving sites.

Of course, a Vanuatu exploration is nothing if we are not going to take a foodie journey as well. The island may be known as a thrill seeker’s and serene loving tourist’s haven, it also offers some of the best dishes you will taste in your life.

Here we list down the best food finds in Vanuatu you really need to visit.

Wahoo Bar

Wahoo Bar Havannah
Wahoo Bar Havannah photo by sportfishing.Vanuatu FB

What is the one thing we are looking for in a vacation other than activities we can do? It is a place where we can just enjoy the surroundings, a laid back vibe that is relaxing and comforting. Wahoo Bar has a deck that overlooks the Havannah Harbour. It is the perfect place to enjoy the freshest seafood while watching the best view of the sunset. Fresh fish is caught daily to serve customers only the best in seafood fare.


Food Places in Vanuatu
L’Houstalet Food Places in Vanuatu

A popular French villa that has been in business for more than 40 years, L’Houstalet is known for its eclectic menu of European and Pacific dishes that will definitely leave you wanting for more. They are very famous for wild pigeon, grilled steaks, flying fox, coconut crabs, lobsters, and prawns flambe. The menu has not changed and has consistently been excellent for more than 25 years, one that Chef Clement, owner of L’Houstalet, is proud to have created.

Korn’s Exotic Thai Kitchen

Kesorn’s Exotic Thai Kitchen
Kesorn’s Exotic Thai Kitchen

As soon as you step inside this Thai restaurant, wafts of different aromatic spices will welcome you, encouraging you to order everything on their menu. Kesorn’s Exotic Thai Kitchen has an elevated deck that gives you a beautiful view of the Port Villa Harbour. You can order the Penang Prawn Curry and other pan-Asian dishes made with fresh ingredients.

Nambawan Cafe

Nambawan Cafe is the total youngster’s place with offerings like pizzas, tapas, various snacks, and a full bar. They also offer Wi-Fi to customers who want to share about their Vanuatu experiences in the comfort of a cafe with a sunset and sea view as their companion. But actually, the cafe is most famous for its Moonlight Cinemas. Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can bring your friends and family to watch films and enjoy a few slices of pizza.

Nambawan Cafe photo from their FB Page
Nambawan Cafe photo from their FB Page

After munching on all of the unique dished Vanuatu has to offer, you can take a stroll on the beaches or bask in the beautiful view these restaurants hold for their customers.

These are just some of the food offerings you can enjoy in Vanuatu. So do not forget to pack those eating pants and get ready to take a food trip that will surely fill your stomachs and create memorable moments with your travel buddies.


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