Year-Ender Trip : 24 hours in the Highlands


I was lucky to have an extra day off which means I have three days to spend, just enough for a Year-ender trip. With no plans at all, I decided to pack my bags and head to Baguio City right after finishing simple tasks for a client.

baguio city photos
Good Morning Baguio City

I left my house at around 4:30am and headed to Victory Liner terminal in Cubao thinking that getting a seat is easier during wee hours but to my surprise, that’s not the case.

new year baguio city
Plastic Horns for Sale at Session Road

There were around 200 people waiting in line to get a bus ticket when I arrived, I almost gave up but thanks to Mentos (kidding) I approached the bus conductor and asked if there’s a vacant seat by any chance and boom!@#@% I got a seat without falling in line haha.

best restaurants in baguio city
Miki Bijon Guisado Special @ Star Cafe

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I practically slept during the entire bus ride which explains why food is the first thing I want to grab upon arrival in the highlands. Minutes after leaving the bus station and unloading my things in the hotel, I found myself inside Star Cafe in Session Road ordering my favorite Pancit Bihon and Cinnamon Roll. I brought my laptop so I ended up working but to justify my overstay in the restaurant, I ordered Benguet Coffee and Egg Pie for dessert.

baguio coffee shops
Benguet Coffee

Its already dark when I left Star Cafe, a bit cold but Im not in the mood to go back to the hotel yet so I walked around session road. Walking uphill made me think that Im gonna burn some extra calories but I ended up discovering a resto-bar that serves San Miguel Premium so Guess What??? I just loaded more calories…. I really wish beer is a fat burner… LOL

San Miguel Premium
San Miguel Premium

I’m not sure if firecrackers are also prohibited in Baguio City but I guess there was an ordinance issued against selling firecrackers coz I’m not showing street vendors selling one. I know its weird, while everyone in the street wears a coat, a leather jacket or a hoodie, Did you know that Ice cream is the most in demand street food / dessert in Session Road? Yeah I’ve been seeing locals eating ice cream even during midnight.

ukay ukay shoes
Segunda Mano Shoes Anyone?

Im undecided yet If Im gonna stay for another night in Baguio so I decided to maximize my time and walk around to see if theres any interesting places to see. I asked a local and she recommended that I visit Harrison Road to experience Wagwagan or their version of Midnight Market.

baguio street food
Street Food in Burnham Park

Baguio City has become more popular being the center of Wagwagan – an ilocano term meaning to shake and sell or to dust off. While checking out stuffs for sale in the midnight market, Ive seen so many branded second-hand clothing, shoes, bags, and decorations. Be careful though, I saw some brand new branded fake items (China Replicas) mixed with the used jackets and shoes.

Egg, Chicken and anything in Between
Egg, Chicken and anything in Between

My last stop is the food section of the Midnight Market. Im not in the mood for some food adventure last night so I just had some Congee with hard boiled egg and fried Tofu. I headed back to the Manor at around 11pm with another hoodie jacket and some leather e-cigarette cases I bought from Wagwagan. And Yes, another Hoodie Jacket:)

As of this writing, Im now here in my friends house here in Manila… Celebrating the New Year with friends is awesome!

Happy New Year Everyone:)

PS. I apoligize for the blurred and grainy photos… I took all these photos using a mobile phone.

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