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Visit the Epic Bike Path that Lets You Cycle on Water!

The Island Line Trail via

Epic Bike Path that Lets You Cycle on Water!

So you’ve biked on country roads and city streets – but have you biked across a lake? If gorgeous views, bracing air and unbelievable experiences are your thing, check out Island Line Trail!

What Is it?

The Island Line Trail is a 14-mile bike path unlike any other. Converted from a railway track to a trail, it offers astounding views and a totally unparalleled experience. Along the trail there’s much to see and do – but the most jaw-dropping part is the Colchester Causeway.

Cycle on Water!

The Colchester Causeway is an epic section of the Island Line Trail that cuts right through Mallete Bay.

Follow the path as it meanders out into the middle of the lake and you’ll be totally surrounded by water! To make this even more unforgettable, cyclists get an unobstructed view of the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains and the Green Mountains!

The feeling of gliding through Lake Champlain, with blue water below you and majestic mountains around you, is one you won’t soon forget!

The Island Line Trail via Wikipedia
The Island Line Trail via Wikipedia

Where to Find It

The Island Line Trail is located in Vermont—just 2 hours outside of Montreal. Running along Lake Champlain, it passes through Burlington, the Colchester Park and South Hero. Bicyclists get an incredible view of this stunning body of water as they zip along the trail!

The Island Line Trail via
The Island Line Trail via

If you’re visiting, or planning on visiting Montreal, this is an exciting excursion to embark on. Plan a stay at any of the world-class hotels in this beautiful city, such as the Gouverneur Montreal, and staff will be more than happy to help you find a way to the Island Line Trail.

Getting There

It’s easy to start biking on the Island Line Trail, since there’s a number of ways to enter. Choose from three trailheads and hop on at the entrance located in south Burlington, downtown Burlington or Airport Park in Colchester.

If you’re driving down with family, you’ll find parking lots at all entrances. Safely park your car then start pedaling!

Easy to Bike!

Not only is this bike path lined with picturesque vistas, it’s easy to bike! Whether you’re new to cycling or haven’t biked in a while, this path is the perfect way to stretch your legs! Evenly paved, and on relatively flat terrain, the path is simple to navigate. Just grab your bike and go!

How Long Will It Take to Complete?

Generally, how long it takes to cycle all 14 miles of trail depends on the cyclist. Some are able to handle a roundtrip ride from the south end of Burlington to Champlain Causeway in approx. 3 hours.

But it’s not a race! This is one trail you won’t want to simply “get through.” With plenty of vantage points and rest stops, it’s easy for cyclists to get caught up in the views.

What Will I See?

Hands-down, the highlight of the Island Line Trail is the miles and miles of blue water that surround the Colchester Causeway. At any given time, you’ll be able to glimpse sailboats, lighthouses and the Adirondack Mountains!

Adriondack Mountains
Adriondack Mountains By R khot Public Domain

Aside from this, there’s a bunch of other things to keep you busy! Along the trail you’ll find:

Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Museum, Oakledge Park, Auer Family Boathouse, Leddy Park, North Beach, and Airport Park!

The trail has something to offer kids, adults and seniors alike! Relax on the beach, learn about underwater life at the aquarium or explore everything nature has to offer at the park!

Rent a Bike

If you’re just visiting or simply don’t own a bike, you can still get in on this unique experience. There are bike rental facilities located on the Burlington Bike Path. Speak to an attendant and they’ll outfit you with a comfortable bike, perfect for gliding across the Colchester Causeway!

Walk, Stroll, Run and Skate!

With so much to see and do, this trail isn’t just for cyclists! Parents can load little ones into their strollers and take off down the Island Line Trail! Since it’s multi-use, you’ll see people walking, running, blading and jogging!

Mind the Gap!

If your heart is set on tackling all 14 miles, keep in mind that there’s a gap in the Colchester Causeway, spanning approximately 200 ft. For a long time cyclists had to turn back when they reached it – but no more!

Thanks to Local Motion, there’s now a bike ferry that carries cyclists and their bikes safely across the gap! On board you’ll find flat tire repair services and cold water. Pet parents can even ride with their beloved family members.

Round trip fare for adults totals $8, while youth ride for $5 and children 6 and under climb on board for free.

Stop for a Swim

Worked up a sweat cycling? Dip into the lake to cool off! Swimmers can use the beautiful granite and marble boulders to hop into the water for a refreshing dip. While it’s advised to keep clear of the section where the ferries operate, any other area is fair game.

Catch your Breath at a Bike Rest

Biking for 14-miles can be hard work! Fortunately, there are bike rests located throughout the trail. Pack a lunch and enjoy it at the picnic tables that are easily spotted from the trail. With such beautiful views to see, who wouldn’t want to dine al fresco?

Come for Sunset or Sunrise

Nature is at its peak during sunset and sunrise, and never is this truer than on the Island Line Trail.

If you’re able to get up early enough, seeing the sun rise over the water is an truly amazing experience. Should you be more of a night owl, the trail at dusk is just as extraordinary.

Island Line Trail via Newsday.copm
Island Line Trail via Newsday.copm

Create Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Biking the Island Line Trail is a wonderful way to create memories with family, friends and loved ones! Because of its easy accessibility, hopping on a bike and taking off along the trail is simple and stress-free.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Island Line Trail offers a gorgeous respite from your schedule.

Feel the wind on your face as you glide over water, spot a colorful sailboat, or enjoy a picnic dinner at sunset. Whatever you choose, the memories you create are sure to stay with you forever!

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