Five French All Terrain Adventures

France has it all, mountain ranges, river canyons, sandy beaches and cosmopolitan cities, making it the ideal place to take an all terrain adventure. Pack your passport and travel insurance, here’s our guide to taking your holiday out on the road for some European adrenalin junket.

Climb the Pyrenees

Spanning the breadth of the French/Spanish boarder, the Pyrenees peak at 3,404 meters at Pico d’Aneto.

Popular as a skiing destination in the winter season, the range is increasingly popular with hiking in the milder months and offers a diverse range of trekking routes suitable for most abilities.


Paddle the Ardèche Gorge

The 30km stretch of the Ardèche Gorge snakes its way through limestone walls that reach up to 300m high.

The kayaking is not particularly technical, but there are the odd rush of rapids to instil a bit of adventure into the equation. The river itself is a lush, sandy affair and perfect for exploring on a hot summer’s day.


Surf the West Coast

The West Coast of France boasts kilometres of long sandy beaches, famed for its rolling Atlantic surf and windswept coastline.

The entire coast is good for surfing, from Brittany in the north, through to the Coast of Light – Brittany to La Rochelle, and the Silver Coast – the coastline that runs down the remainder of the French coast to meet Spain.

Sail to the Mediterranean

Waterways weave their way across the entire country, from the steely grey waters of The Channel, across the interior to the turquoise waters of the Med.

There are loads of routes to take, including hugging the coastline, exploring the canals of Brittany, or cutting down through Le Havre and Paris.

Hire a boat in the country, sail across the Channel or pay for your own boat to be transported to the country and meet it in situ.

Cycle the Alps

France is hugely popular for cycle treks that take in easy climbs coupled with stately homes and vast vineyards.

But for something with a little more speed, the French Alps offer some of the best off road, single track riding in Western Europe.

Out of season ski resorts cater for speed junkies, with the lifts taking the puff out of the up hill and offering all the delight of a downhill dash.

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