Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Tacloban City

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Hotel XYZ - Hotels in Tacloban City

Best Hotels in Tacloban City

One of the more beautiful places to visit in the Philippines while on a budget, Tacloban City is home to numerous must-see wonders of this beautiful country.

The Leyte Provincial Capitol
The Leyte Provincial Capitol By Ustadz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

With several hotels to choose from, tourists from Tacloban get the best of both worlds through these top accommodations:

Ironwood Hotel

Ironwood Hotel in Tacloban City
Ironwood Hotel in Tacloban City
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Location: Burgos Street corner Juan Luna Street, Tacloban, Tacloban City, Philippines, 6500

Lowest Price: Deluxe Queen at $45 per night via Agoda

With just 21 rooms on offer, the Ironwood Hotel provides that very cozy-homey feeling that many tourists – both foreign and local – love. This particular hotel is situated near practically everything within the city of Tacloban, making it remarkably easy for guests to do some sightseeing on their own time. The hotel also offers shuttle service and lets you plan your day through their packages. Rooms are all clean, air-conditioned, and have strong wireless Internet access. Offering wheelchair access, other amenities include a restaurant, a bar, and free parking.

Hotel XYZ

Hotel XYZ - Hotels in Tacloban City
Hotel XYZ – Hotels in Tacloban City

Location: P. Zamora St. Tacloban City, Tacloban, Tacloban City, Philippines, 6500

Lowest Price: Standard Twin or Double at $49 per night via Agoda

One of the more luxurious hotels in Tacloban, the XYZ Hotel offers excellent amenities within its walls including a pool, a restaurant, and a bar. All rooms offer high-speed Internet access and in case you want to end the day relaxed – there’s also a spa that offers massage services. Other amenities of the hotel include a fitness gym and free parking for those who will be driving their own car. If not, however, you can take advantage of their shuttle service. Ideal for business events, the XYZ Hotel has all the modern conference facilities.

Z Pad Residences

Z Pad Residences in Tacloban
Z Pad Residences in Tacloban

Location: Dadison St., Tacloban City, Leyte, Tacloban, Tacloban City, Philippines, 6500

Lowest Price: Z Pad Queen at $22 per night via Agoda

With budget-friendly rooms and quick access to everything within the city, Z Pad Residences is a strategically located hotel boasting of a peaceful ambiance without losing sight of the heart of the city. All rooms are clean and spacious, packed with modern amenities including high-speed Internet and room service. With friendly and bilingual staff, Zpad Residences is exactly where you want to be for a simple, relaxing, and no-fuss stay.

Hotel Estrella

Hotel Estrella Tacloban
Hotel Estrella Tacloban

Location: Real St., Tacloban, Tacloban City, Philippines, 6500

Lowest Price: Noble at $34 per night via Agoda

Boasting of a very ‘hip’ vibe from the entryway all the way to each individual room, Hotel Estrella is nothing if not memorable. This particular accommodation is located near the heart of Tacloban City, making it easy for you to explore the place without losing your way. Amenities include a restaurant serving all kinds of dishes, a bar, room service, free parking, and the all-important wireless Internet. The hotel also offers conference facilities, perfect for business meetings.

The Loft Hotel

The Loft Hotel
The Loft Hotel photo via Tripadvisor

Location: Marasbaras Highway, Tacloban, Leyte Province 6500, Philippines

Offering a very modern façade, the Loft Hotel is easy enough to spot, thanks to its ideal location. Since it’s located smack in the center of the city, you’ll be able to walk in and out without losing your way, allowing for extensive exploration at a budget. The hotel itself is wonderfully modern, offering a view of the city below while keeping you cool and safe within its clean rooms. Amenities of the hotel include wireless Internet, free breakfast, and a restaurant that offers all kinds of delicacies.

Hotel Alejandro

Hotel Alejandro photo via Tripadvisor
Hotel Alejandro photo via Tripadvisor

Location: Paterno Street, Tacloban, Leyte Province 6500, Philippines

With a seemingly old-school exterior, Hotel Alejandro is tough to miss since it reminds you of the good old days when all houses have their very own terrace. Despite the classic exterior, however, Hotel Alejandro is every bit modern with facilities that rival even the newest hotels. Offering an extensive pool perfect for relaxing, Hotel Alejandro is close enough to the city for easy exploration but far enough that you can relax in the quiet ambiance. The hotel also has its own restaurant, serving all kinds of dishes from the traditional Filipino foods to something a bit more exotic. Wheelchair access is available in all rooms.

AIS Hotel

AIS Hotel in Tacloban
AIS Hotel in Tacloban

Location: Manlurip Road, Tacloban, Leyte Province, Philippines

This budget hotel is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much while doing their traveling in Tacloban City. Beautifully decorated rooms with a clean and cozy ambiance, it’s amazing how AIS Hotel manages to provide cheap prices while offering excellent quality in terms of services. The staff is friendly and bilingual, not to mention well-informed when it comes to all the sights and sounds of Tacloban City. A stay in AIS Hotel not only helps you stay within your budget but also give easy access to all the interesting parts of Tacloban.

Basic Rooms Hotel

Basic Rooms Hotel Tacloban
Basic Rooms Hotel Tacloban

Location: SAGKAHAN, BRGY 66-A,, Mangga, Tacloban City, Leyte

Lowest Price: Executive Room at $23 per night via Agoda

Perfect for those traveling to Tacloban as a group, Basic Rooms Hotel is quite possibly one of the most cost-effective accommodations available in the city. Situated right in the heart of this buzzing district, Basic Rooms Hotel is perfect for anyone who is in Tacloban for business or conferences, allowing them to enjoy the comforts of a clean and close hotel room without the expensive price tag. While there isn’t much in terms of amenities, the staff is friendly and bilingual. The hotel is also close enough to numerous facilities that you can easily get whatever you want in just a few minutes.

Go Hotels Tacloban

Go Hotels Tacloban
Go Hotels Tacloban

Location: Tabuan National Highway, Marasbaras, Tacloban, Tacloban City, Philippines

Lowest Price: Queen Room at $32 per night via Agoda

One of the more famous hotel chains today, Go Hotels Tacloban is as well maintained as all the other Go Hotels in the Philippines. For this particular branch, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a nationwide chain as Go Hotels offers free parking and the high-speed wireless Internet for all their guests. Boasting 98 rooms, new guests are always welcome in Go Hotels, especially with staff that’s been trained to entertain both local and international guests. Other amenities include a direct link to shuttle services to help better explore Tacloban in comfort.

Tacloban Plaza Hotel

Tacloban Plaza Hotel
Tacloban Plaza Hotel

Location: Justice Romualdez Street, Tacloban, Tacloban City, Philippines, 6500

Last, we’ve got the Tacloban Plaza Hotel, one of the more prominent accommodations in the city. From the rooms, you can get a good look at Tacloban City and truly appreciate what you’re exploring during the next few days of your vacation. With clean and classically decorated rooms, the Tacloban Plaza Hotel offers many amenities including a coffee lounge and transportation services. With very high water pressure, taking a bath in their en suite comfort room is one of the best ways to end the day. Close enough to the mall and other spots, you should be able to truly enjoy Tacloban by staying in this hotel.

For those who are thinking about taking a quick vacation in Tacloban City, make sure to check these out.

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