Chocolate Hills Adventure Park: Ultimate Adventure in Bohol

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park in Bohol

Think the Chocolate Hills in Bohol is boring? You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not just a simple trek anymore! For adventure enthusiasts and even the beginner traveler, you’re in for an exhilarating treat once you get to the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP).

Bundle of Thrills
Bundle of Thrills

Its fascinating scenery isn’t the only thing that you should look forward to. CHAP offers an exciting spin to the traditional tourist spot by not only being the place to see a gorgeous panorama of the Chocolate Hills, but also a place where you can get a dizzying adrenaline rush and a refreshing hike on a nature trail.

CHAP conducted its soft opening in April 2013 and since then, tourists both local and international have been able to take home unforgettable memories.

CHAP Is Great For Kids
CHAP Is Great For Kids

When you first get to CHAP, you’ll be surrounded by nature. If you’re tired of the seemingly endless gray buildings of Metro Manila, then the literal breath of fresh air that you’ll get here is worth the trip. With lush greenery, the singing of birds, and the distant sound of a bubbling spring, you’ll feel connected to the earth more than ever.

Feel the Rush
Feel the Rush

Feel The Rush

The Bike Zip at CHAP is called “The Rush” and you don’t need to ask why. It’s a unique and thrilling experience that allows adventurers to bike along a cable that spans 550 meters long round-trip. Want to know how high The Rush is? You’ll be biking 150 feet high, so check your fear of heights at the door!

The Hills Are Alive at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
The Hills Are Alive at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

The Thrill Doesn’t End There

If you still feel the need to get pumped up or you don’t feel like going on The Rush, then there are other activities that are sure to catch your eye (and adrenaline!). CHAP offers a variety of rope courses for people of varying skill levels and bravery. They have the Canopy walk, Burma Planks, Burma Rope, Islands in the Sky, Vine Walk, Earthquake, Zip Line, and Jacob Walk. Now you might think all those walks are easy, but you’re in for a challenge. The courses have different lengths (15-30 meters) but they get progressively more difficult as you go through them. If you’re traveling with children, they also have a Mini-Rope Course that’s ideal for children ages 6-12 years old.

Hop to Chocolate Hill Adventure Park in Carmen Bohol
Hop to Chocolate Hill Adventure Park in Carmen Bohol

Value For Fun!

The best thing about these experiences is it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you get the Rope Courses, the Bike Zip is also included in the package. In fact, there are a lot of options and packages available so you can choose the ones you prefer and save a lot of money! If you’re a nature lover who simply wants to experience the environment, you won’t be disappointed at all the places where you can explore. After all, the 7-hectare park offers hours of enjoyment. Hike, trek, and camp all you want!

Who Says Learning Isn’t Fun?

It would be a waste of all the flora and fauna if you couldn’t get an in-depth look at them. CHAP is a great site for everyone to go on a botanical tour, whether you’re currently studying or not. There’s an interaction area inside a Serpentarium so you can get up close with different mammals and reptiles. If you’re interested in botany, you can actually find 19 species of trees and 17 kinds of shrubs and flowers.

All that adventuring is sure to leave you with a rumbling tummy but don’t worry. You can find a café, snack bar, and restaurant inside the park to satisfy that hunger. Several shops are available as well so you can grab all the souvenirs you need.

Helpful Tips:

If you go to CHAP with uncomfortable shoes, you’ll definitely regret it. It’s best to wear sandals or hiking shoes and light clothing. You’re going to do a lot of activities so bring extra clothes to change into as well. If you plan to take a lot of photos, check if you have enough batteries and memory available. Lastly but most importantly, don’t forget to listen when instructions are given during orientation!

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
Camanayon Brgy Buenos Aires
Carmen, Bohol

AirAsia offers daily flights from Manila to Tagbilaran Bohol. AirAsia recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Bohol provincial government to support their tourism initiative Visit Bohol.

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