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Stopover in Bay-yo Rice Terraces in Bontoc


From Banaue Ethnic Village where we stayed overnight, we woke up and started our journey to Sagada. After our coffee break in Mount Polis, we took time standing up in the cold foggy road getting ready to hit the road again. It’s my fourth time visiting Sagada and every time I visit the place, I always choose the Banaue route for me to enjoy the scenic view of one of my favorite Rice Terraces in Mountain Province – the Bay-yo Rice Terraces.

Bay-yo Rice Terraces in Bontoc
Bay-yo Rice Terraces in Bontoc

Bay-yo rice terraces is one of the best places to stopover if you are heading Sagada coming from Banaue. Located between Talubin and Mt. Polis, Bay-yo is one of the 16 Barangay’s of Bontoc, Mountain Province. The rice terraces provide the tourists with a spectacular view of the rice plantations while enroute to Sagada. One of the major factors that makes it unique from the rice terraces in Banaue is that only few houses are built in between the rice beds which gave it a more appealing look compared to the Banaue rice terraces.

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Rice Farmers in Bay-yo
Rice Farmers in Bay-yo

For anyone who travels from Banaue to Sagada, there are available view decks from where the tourists can have that spectacular view but those view decks are not a good vantage point if you want to take good photos of the famous rice terraces. We were able to visit some of the houses near the rice terraces and I notice that there are no people on the houses since most of them are busy with farming. One thing I noticed in the middle of the rice terraces is the presence of San Pablo Chapel as well as Bay-yo cathedral. San Pablo Chapel is the yellow colored church built by the American Episcopalian missionaries who also developed Sagada to be the model Cordillera community in the 1900’s.

Rice Terraces in Bontoc
Rice Terraces in Bontoc

It is one of the calm places in Mountain Province that are filled with utmost beauty of nature and mountains that are covered with lush green forests. The main source of employment in Bay-yo village in Bontoc is farming rice and vegetables. Every Afternoon, some farmers are delivering their newly harvested vegetables to Bontoc. Bontoc is the nearest commercial towns in Mountain Province where Bontoc Museum is located.

Even though the Bay-yo rice terraces are smaller compared to other rice terraces in Banaue, they are more beautiful and well maintained since the town folks are still very much into farming.

Bay-yo rice terraces are also one among the best tourist attractions as that of Banaue Rice Terraces. It is definitely a place worth visiting.




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