List of Aliwan Fiesta 2010 Winners

It was exactly 10am when I arrived in the Pacific Drive of SM Mall of Asia. The parking lot assembly point was still empty and the only thing I saw were the trucks loaded with costumes and props of several Aliwan Fiesta 2010 contingents.

The temperature was humid so I decided just to roam around inside the Mall while waiting for the Aliwan contigents to assemble. I saw several travel bloggers like Byahilo, Habagat Central and Explore Ilo-Ilo in the parking area taking photos of Aliwan Fiesta 2010 participating floats and street dancers.

Lapay Bantique Festival of Masbate
The return of Jejemons : este Lapay Bantique Festival of Masbate pala

After taking few portrait shots and photos of the floats, I went back to the Mall to rehydrate and have quick lunch. I came back just in time for street dancing competition. I don’t have a Media pass that’s why I have to bear with the huge photographers crowd. I was totally disappointed with some of the organizers (I supposed) who stands in front of us as if there’s no photographers at their back.

Padang Padang Festival from Parang Maguindanao
Padang Padang Festival from Maguindanao

I decided to leave early after the performance of Halamang Dilaw Festival from Marilao Bulacan since I still have to meet a friend in Makati. Among the street dancing performances that I witnessed, I think the Kasag Festival is really impressive. With several unique and interesting coreography, colorful costumes and great props – I already forecasted that Kasag Festival will be included in the top three:)

I’m quite disappointed with Panagbenga Festival of Baguio City. Being one of the most crowded and most popular festival in the country, I think Panagbenga Festival organizers should improve their performance next year.

2010 Aliwan Float Winners

Shariff Aguak Maguindanao
3rd Place : Shariff Aguak Maguindanao

Bahandi han Dagat of Pasaka Festival / Tanauan Leyte
2nd Place : Bahandi han Dagat of Pasaka Festival / Tanauan Leyte

Cotabato City
Grand Champion : Best Aliwan Float 2010 goest to Cotabato City

2010 Aliwan Street Dancing Competition Winners

Kasag Festival Banate Iloilo
3rd runner up : Kasag Festival of Banate Iloilo

Aliwan street dancers
2nd runner up : Zamboanga Hermosa Festival of Zamboanga City

Dinagyang Festival 2010 Aliwan
Aliwan Grand Champion : Dinagyang Festival

Lets Pray
Did everyone enjoy it? Lets just pray!!!

See you in Aliwan 2011….

  1. Sidney says

    Nice shots ! I missed the Aliwan fiesta 🙁
    Next year na lang !

  2. eric says

    mga taga SM yung yung mga umeepal. kahit nga akona nasa loob na nabrabraso pa nila..may mga IDs sila.. kaloka sila. ahahahah

  3. chymera00 says

    Thanks for the linkback Melo ^_^

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