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Travel Gear: Crumplers “The Proud Stash” Backpack Review


Investing in a new daypack is a decision which needs to be taken warily. If you dont really think before you buy, you will end up like me having more than a dozen of daypacks piled up in my cabinet. Gone are the days when people used to prefer heavy back packs. Rather nowadays, individuals look for light weight bags with more functions. “The Proud Stash” from Crumpler is an ideal backpack designed in order to meet the varied needs of customers.

Melo Villareal at AirAsia Mega Store in Kuala Lumpur LCCT
Melo Villareal at AirAsia Mega Store in Kuala Lumpur LCCT

A rough but delicate Field Twill which is water resistant is used for making this back pack and this has got enough cargo space inside. “The Proud Stash” comes with two main storage spaces including a double zipped main compartment along with full size zipped front pocket. The bag is designed with fully adjustable and padded straps aimed to balance the weight equally. The soft integrated grab handle gives the perfect look for the bag. Fully durable materials are used to make this bag and stitching on all specific points are highlighted. Crumpler offers “The Proud Stash” bag with life time guarantee to the customers.

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My Proud Stash
My Proud Stash

“The Proud Stash” lays strong focus on different aspects like height, width, weight, volume, depth etc. The bag is light weight with 0.4 kg and has got a total capacity of 18L. The bag pack has got a height of 48 cm and a width and depth of 30 cm and 24 cm respectively. Crumpler – “The Proud Stash” is a perfect investment for those individuals who like light weight bag designs. The laid pack sturdy design makes the bag less heavy and not straining to the shoulders. This new bag design is perfect for overnight travels and is a perfect mate for both male and female travelers. A simple design is followed by Crumpler for “The Proud Stash” back packs. The bag does not look oversized even if more weight is carried by the back pack. The high-quality stitching of this bag retains its shape in a perfect manner.

Crumpler Proud Stash Colors
Crumpler Proud Stash Colors

Crumpler offers a life time guarantee for “The Proud Stash” backpack which is probably one of the most prominent features which attracts more number of people to choose the same apart from the design factor. “The Proud Stash” is available at a price of AUD $70.00 if you buy it online but you can buy this in various stores in the Philippines. The company offers free delivery options for customers. During normal use, if any defect is detected in the back pack, the company assures to repair or replace the defective bag piece. For replacement, customers can drop in the bag at nearby Crumpler store along with proof of purchase and short explanation about the default problem.

Due to higher commercial demand for these bag designs, new attractive colors and bag sizes were introduced in the market. Crumpler has got different types of bag which include camera bags, laptop bags, luggage and travel bags etc. A detailed review about the specific features of different products offered by Crumpler is given in the official site.

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