Top 7 Uncrowded Beaches Near Metro And How to Get There

Masasa Beach photo by TingloyBatangas FB

List of Beautiful Beaches Near Metro Manila (Plus How to Get There)

People in Metro Manila can now feel the summer heat coming. And it is the perfect time of the year to go to the beach. Yes, we all want to enjoy the white sand, plunge yourself into the crystal clear water and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset — but do you know where to find the best beach near Manila?

Cagbalete Island (photo by 10nisboy via Flickr)
Cagbalete Island (photo by 10nisboy via Flickr)

Well, let me give you these top 7 unspoiled beaches near the metro. These destinations are not just beautiful, they are also budget-friendly. Read on:

Cagbalete Island, Quezon

Boasts of white sand, Cagbalete Island is a perfect place to go to if you don’t want to go to overrated beaches. Exciting activities you can do in this not-so-commercialized island include swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and trekking.

Cagbalete Island photo by Pansacola Beach Resort FB
Cagbalete Island photo by Pansacola Beach Resort FB

To get there: You can ride a bus at Jac Liner Buendia Terminal, going to Lucena. Upon getting off, take a mini-bus ride to Mauban then walk towards Pantalan port to take a public boat going to Cagbalete Island.

Estimated expenses are around P1000 pesos, including entrance fees, food, and miscellaneous.

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Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Nagsasa Cove photo by Nagsasa Cove FB
Nagsasa Cove photo by Nagsasa Cove FB

Seated in San Antonio, Zambales, Nagsasa Cove is a new-found paradise. You can reach the place from Manila in approximately five hours. This perfect summer getaway destination can be reached via a boat, or you may choose to do mountain trekking going to the Nagsasa Cove.

Unlike other beaches, this place has grayish sand. But of course, it boasts of crystal blue water. Apart from it being serene and picturesque, Nagsasa Cove also houses waterfalls. This place is also near to other scenic destinations: Capones Island and Anawangin Cove.

Magalawa Island, Zambales

Malagawa Island photo courtesy of
Malagawa Island photo courtesy of

Magalawa, located in Palauig, Zambales, is a place to unwind your tired limbs and soul. Here, you and your family can enjoy exciting activities, such as bamboo rafting and snorkeling. Its charm: its white sand, picturesque landscape as well as blue clear waters.

To avoid the scorching heat of the sun, you can rent your own tent in the place. One can avail tour packages from the Magalawa Island Resort, Ruiz, or Armada, including transportation, meal, and fun activities.

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Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas photo by
Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas photo by

If you’re looking for a nearby but seemingly remote beach, then Burot beach is the place for you. Located in Calatagan, Batangas, it is not too far from Metro Manila. It’s beaches consists of semi-fine cream sand and has calm water all year round. It is the perfect place for peace and tranquillity that isn’t too far from the bustling city.

It is about a 3hour drive from Metro Manila. Going by commute, you can take a bus bound for Calatagan from the bus terminal located at the Coastal Mall. The fare is around P180.00, and it will take about 4hours to get to Calatagan.

Tell the driver or bus conductor to drop you off at the Calatagan market. From the Calatagan market, you can hail a tricycle to bring you to Burot Beach. The fare is usually P50.00 per person or just hire the entire tricycle for P200.00.

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Borawan, Puting Buhangin, and Dampalitan Beach, Padre Burgos, Quezon

Beach in Borawan Island by @borawanislands IG
Beach in Borawan Island by @borawanislands IG

Another location where there are very nice beaches is Borawan, Puting Buhangin, and Dampalitan Beach, Padre Burgos in Quezon province. With pristine white-sand beaches, gorgeous tropical backdrops, and fun activities available, it’s like going to Boracay or Palawan without the added travel costs.

Going there by car will take about 3 to 4 hours. It may take longer, about 4 to 5 hours by bus. You can take a Lucena bound bus from the Cubao Terminal at the Araneta Center or at the Coastal Mall Bus Terminal in Pasay City. The fare is around P210.00. The bus should drop you off at the Lucena Grand Terminal.

From here, take a minibus to Unisan or any bus bound for the municipality of Padre Burgos. Get off at the Padre Burgos bus stop and then take a tricycle to Barangay Basiao. Asked to be taken near the shore where you can rent a boat to take you there.

Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon

Alibijaban Island photo by
Alibijaban Island photo by

This is another island in Quezon province worth looking in to. It is one of those still undiscovered places. If you are the beach bum type, then this is the perfect place for you to visit. White sand beaches clear waters and, more importantly, few tourists. This is because there are very few amenities for regular tourists. How much of a paradise is this to beach lovers? You can bring your own tent and pitch out for free. That should give you an idea.

To get there, you can take a bus from Manila to San Andres. Barney Auto Lines and Superlines are 2 bus companies that have direct trips. You can also take a bus to Lucena City, where you will be dropped off at the Lucena Grand Terminal and take another trip from there to San Andres.

From San Andres, you take a boat trip to the island. This is where it gets tricky because there is only one boat ride, and it will cost around P1,500.00 for a round trip for 4 to 10 people. Better contact the person in charge, Kuya Randy. His contact numbers are +63 946 737 2555 | +63 906 435 7722 | +63 910 762 9271. Incidentally, he is also the person who will help you with almost everything you need on the island.

Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

Masasa Beach photo by TingloyBatangas FB
Masasa Beach photo by Tingloy Batangas FB

This is another rare find that will probably lose its hidden allure in no time at all. That’s because it’s quite near Metro Manila, which surprising how it hasn’t been discovered yet. Even the trip getting there is an adventure worth remembering. It isn’t that it’s hard to get there. In fact, it is quite easy.

It’s getting surprised by walking through rice paddies and passing some coconut trees, then suddenly finding this tropical paradise. It isn’t white sands, but it is fine, clean, and fair. The waters are clear, clean, and serene. The place itself is very beautiful. There are no developments yet for tourists—no hotels or resort setups which, adds to the natural allure. Campers will love staying here.

To get to Masasa Beach, you can take the Batangas City bus from Manila, which will drop you off at the Batangas City Grand Terminal. Travel time is around 2 to 3 hours and may cost between P120 to P280. From here, take a jeepney to Anilao Port for around P35. Take a passenger boat bound for Tingloy for about P70. Upon disembarking at Tingloy, take a tricycle to Masasa Beach for about P30.

For affordable beach resorts near Metro Manila, Search and Compare rates via Agoda.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

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    …NEAR? really? 4 to 5 to even 6 hours is near? smh… even bora, palawan, even cebu is “nearer” at around 1 hour, 2 hours tops…. SMH… while the aforementioned beaches are nice… the title is very misleading

    1. trollreaper says

      At a very reasonable price, i’d say 5 or 6 hrs travel time is near. Bora, Palawan or Cebu may take 1 or 2 hrs (wait time/transfer/etc) not included and will cost you quite a lot as well.

    2. Melo Villareal says

      To give you a dose of your own medicine, try Manila Bay!!!!

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