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Ultimate List of the Best Beach Resorts in Quezon Province

Where to Stay: Best Quezon Province Beach Resorts

Looking for beach resorts near Metro Manila? One of the provinces in the country that boast of many beaches in Quezon Province. The beaches of the province will captivate you as you embark on your journey. Plus, you don’t have to go very far from Manila as it’s just a couple of hours away to reaches some of these beaches.

Here are some of the Beach Resorts in Quezon Province, which will wow you.

Dalampasigan Beach & Pool Resort

Dalampasigan Beach and Pool Resort photo via FB Page
Dalampasigan Beach and Pool Resort photo via FB Page
  • Address: Barangay Guis-guis, Sariaya, Quezon Philippines (Facebook Page)
  • Phone Number: (632) 668-7527 / 0920-968-2279 / 0922-820-2758
  • Rates: From Php4000 Standard Room to Php24,000 Suite
  • Entrance Fee: Free

Look out to the China Sea when you check in this private beach resort in Quezon Province. The breeze is cool in the area, and it’s also a place where you can relax. The resort has a huge space (10 hectares) and native rooms that allow you to feel nature’s beauty.

They accommodate company outings, retreats, seminars, and other recreational activities for big groups.

Tamarind Tree Beach Resort in Padre Burgos

Tamarind Tree Resort in Padre Burgos
Tamarind Tree Resort in Padre Burgos
  • Address: Barangay Punta, Padre Burgos, Quezon Province 4303 (Facebook Page)
  • Phone Number: 463 9381 / 0947 991 2027
  • Rates: From Php1236 Non-airconditioned Huts to Php12,360 Airconditioned Huts
  • Entrance Fee: Free for checked-in guests

You’ll love the unobstructed view of the sea from Tamarind Tree Beach Resort. They have huts for accommodations. The beach resort is fairly untouched, so you can go hiking in the surrounding areas.

It’s one of the few beach resorts in Quezon Province with a swimming pool. They also offer kayak, and sailboat adventures, and island hopping tours. This is the perfect place to stay if you are planning to visit Borawan Island.

Real Coast & Surf

Real Coast and Surf
Real Coast and Surf
  • Address: Barangay Malapad, Real, Quezon (FB Page)
  • Rates: From Php2500 Small Cabana to Php32970 Dormitory Room
  • Entrance Fee: Php270

The first thing you’ll notice with one of the top beach resorts in Quezon Province is its boho vibe. There aren’t too many of that in the Philippines. That’s why it’s a hit with local and foreign tourists.

An arm with the right activities like beach bumming, surfing, Saturday Movie Nights, campfire, and meeting new friends at the common area, and you get a really fantastic beach holiday!

Pacific Recreation Kamp (PaRK)

Pacific Recreation Kamp
Pacific Recreation Kamp
  • Address: The Park, Hwy 601, Km 115 Barangay Tignoan
    Real, Quezon 4335 (Facebook Page)
  • Rates: From Php500 Tent Rental to Php1200 Open Picnic Huts
  • Entrance Fee: Php50 (Day) / 70 (Overnight)

PaRK is a beach resort in Quezon Province near Manila, where you can pitch tents. Many company outings take place in the resort because of its inexpensive accommodations and a big area.

The water is good for surfing, and the beach area can be nice for some picnic activities.  There are many hills in the vicinity, which can make a good backdrop for photo ops.

Pansacola Beach Resort

Pansacola Beach Resort in Cagbalete Island
Pansacola Beach Resort in Cagbalete Island
  • Address: 5 Quezon Cor. R. Pansacola Street Mauban, Quezon (Facebook Page)
  • Phone Number: 0917 546 5901 / 0928 505 8633
  • Rates: From Php2000 Standard Fan Room to Php9500 Premium Air-conditioned Room
  • Entrance Fee: Php50

The beach resort is on a white sand beach on the island of Cagbalete. You won’t get bored at Pansacola. They have activities like island hopping tours to Bonsai Island and Yang-in Mangrove plus snorkeling activities.

Other activities include kayaking, paddle boating, and beach volleyball. You can also play ping pong and watch fire dance or fireworks when available o your visit.

Villa Del Prado Pool and Beach Resort

Villa Del Prado Pool and Beach Resort
Villa Del Prado Pool and Beach Resort
  • Address: Barangay Bignay I, Sariaya, Quezon Province (Facebook Page)
  • Phone Number: 0917 500 6129 / 0922 898 1899
  • Rates: From Php650 Fiberglass Huts to Php7500 Dormitory Room
  • Entrance Fee: Php100

Experience the gift of nature in Villa del Prado Resort. They have different activities for everyone like floating fiberglass raft, floating slides, basketball, billiards, and table tennis.

You can join the bonfire at the beach, let your kids make sandcastles, and play with them at the playground where there are slides and giant cartoon characters figurines. They also offer catering services and host company outing events.

Borawan Island Resort

Borawan Island Resort
Borawan Island Resort
  • Address: Barangay Lipata, Quezon Province 4303 (FB Page)
  • Phone Number: 0915-8912122 / 0933-3940148 / 0920-4133127
  • Rates: Starts at Php500 Tent Rental to Php8000 Beach House
  • Entrance Fee: Php150

Borawan Island Resort is a quiet sea escape wherein you can enjoy looking at different flora species like coconut trees. The resort features clean accommodations and peaceful surroundings.

You can go on a boat tour and enjoy the rock formations of the beach area. The beach area has cream-colored sand and stunning sunsets. You can also go kayaking.

Nilandingan Cove

Nilandingan Cove in Cagbalete
Nilandingan Cove in Cagbalete
  • Address: Nilandingan Cove Nilandingan, Cagbalete Uno, Cagbalete Island Mauban, Quezon Province (FB Page)
  • Phone Number: 0915 144 3094
  • Rates: From Php600 Tent Pitching to Php6500 Bungalow Room

The low tide season in Quezon Province allows you to go on an adventure trek to see ‘The Magic Tree,’ ‘Nature’s Jacuzzi,’ and the ‘Moon Walk.’ These can only be seen during low tide, and you shouldn’t miss it because these three are the top spots in the resort.

Alternately, you can rent a ‘de sagwan Banca’ (local paddle boat), volleyball, and body massage. The resort also offers island tours.

Villa Noe Beach Resort

Villa Noe Beach Resort Cagbalete
Villa Noe Beach Resort Cagbalete
  • Address: Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon Province (FB Page)
  • Phone Number: 0921 784 9062 / 0906 519 7126
  • Rates: From Php2300 Standard Cottage to Php8800 Deluxe Cottage
  • Entrance Fee: Php100

The resort used to be a private beach house owned by a World War II veteran. It became open to the public in 2012. Staying in the resort will allow you to enjoy the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Plenty of activities can be done like hiking, food-tripping, carabao sighting, coconut picking, and beach bumming.

Finding respite in the Philippines isn’t hard, and you can do that in Quezon Province. With glistening beaches that adorn the province, you’ll surely have somewhere to go. That’s just the perfect place for you or your family.

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