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Masasa Beach: Budget Travel Guide, Itinerary, How to get there and more

Beach Tingloy Batangas photo by Masasa Beach Tingloy FB Page

2019 Travel Guide to Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas

(Batangas, Philippines) Some of the islands in PH are closing while some are gradually losing its charm. However, the good thing is… there are more beautiful beaches in the Philippines to explore.

In this Masasa Beach Travel Guide Blog, our aim is to provide helpful budget tips, DIY Travel tips, recommended hotels to stay, places to visit, sample itinerary, places to eat and more.

Masasa Beach photo by TingloyBatangas FB
Masasa Beach photo by TingloyBatangas FB

Come to Tingloy in Batangas. The municipality is a lonesome island detached from mainland Luzon, and although relatively small, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the province. Masasa Beach in Tingloy is arguably the next hottest tourist hotspot for beach bums. Fine, white sand, a spectacular sunset, and cool, crystal clear waters are just some of the things that Masasa Beach in Tingloy, has to offer.

After coming to this beach paradise, you will remember this beach beyond the three simple syllables of “ma”, “sa”, and “sa”.

About Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach is located in Barangay San Juan, the most populated one in Tingloy. Besides the beaches, that are directly facing the beauty of the Philippine Sea, many opt to conquer the nearby tourist destinations, like the Mag-Asawang Bato peak, Sombrero Island, and Cabon Island, among many others.

Masasa Beach photo by Masasa Beach FB Page
Masasa Beach photo by Masasa Beach FB Page

Best time to visit Masasa Beach

Its proximity to Metro Manila makes Batangas one of the first options for a quick weekend trip for most. If you do not enjoy beaches with many people around, you may schedule your vacay during weekdays.

As for the best month to visit, Masasa Beach is hospitable all-year round. However, if you plan to have an island tour to the nearby islands, you may want to avoid the rainy season from late July to late October. But since the weather can be unpredictable, it can be worth a shot to try visiting during these months, too. 

Masasa Beach Travel Guide
Masasa Beach Travel Guide

How to get there (from Manila)

Ride a bus going to Grand Terminal, Batangas. There are many bus lines in Taft, Cubao, and EDSA-Kamias. A trip from Manila to Batangas takes about two to three hours, depending on the traffic situation.

Once you reached the Grand Terminal, ride a jeep that takes you to Anilao. The jeepney station is located a few steps away from where the bus drops off passengers. Travel time is 40 minutes to an hour. Ask the driver to take you to Anilao Port or Talaga Port.

Here is the tricky part. Sometimes, the port changes location from Anilao Port to Talaga Port, depending on the season and waves. Just remember to use the Anilao Port during the amihan season (remember “AA”, Anilao-amihan), and the Talaga Port during the habagat season (“TH” Talaga-habagat). The jeepney drivers are usually aware of the port locations.

Hop aboard a boat to Tingloy Port. The travel time lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. Some boats go directly to Masasa Beach, but these are very rare. The boats’ arrival and departure times have no fixed schedule, but make sure to leave before 2:30 PM, because all the boats stop ferrying after that.

Masasa Beach Rock Formation photo via Sinaya Masasa Beach Lodging FB Page
Masasa Beach Rock Formation photo via Sinaya Masasa Beach Lodging FB Page

Getting around

Tingloy is a rather small town, and the major mode of transportation is the tricycle. Fare starts at Php 10 per head.

Where to stay

There are no hotels or resorts in Masasa Beach, and many opt to book a room in mainland Batangas instead. There are some inns and houses/rooms for rent in Tingloy, such as:

Sinaya Masasa Beach Lodging

Sinaya Masasa Beach Lodging
Sinaya Masasa Beach Lodging

Location: Tingloy

Price: Php 1,507 per night via

With two bathrooms, a kitchen, and 12 beds, this house can accommodate at least 16 guests. Perfect for barkadas and other traveler groups. The 12 beds are contained in one huge room.

Masasa Beach Transient/Flynn House

Masasa Beach Transient Flynn House
Masasa Beach Transient Flynn House

Location: Tingloy

Price: Php 5,977 per night via

Having four king beds means that you have enough room for at most 10 guests. Located near the beachfront, and a convenient stroll away from snorkeling spots near Masasa Beach. This house is complete with basic household amenities like kitchen and washer.

Masasa Beach Transient Home

Location: Tingloy

Price: Php 5,977 per night via

This house can accommodate up to 15 guests with its three bedrooms and more than five beds. Amenities include a kitchen, refrigerator, and yes, even a barbecue grill in the patio.

Where to eat

There are no big restaurants in Masasa Beach itself, but there are many canteens around the place. If your chosen accommodation has its own kitchen, you may choose to cook your own meal to save up some cash, or just for the fun of it. Or, if you plan to leave early, you may eat in mainland Batangas. The nearest towns are Anilao and Bauan.

Anilao Shark Bait and Grill

Location: Mabini

This small and cozy restaurant offers home-cooked dishes and snacks like lumpiang shanghai, sizzling sisig, and breakfast meals like embosilog and silog. It’s that one place that reminds you of home.

OMG! Olvida and Myra’s Grill

Location: Mabini

If you are a sucker for barbecues, then you would love OMG. They grill your food as your order so patience is a must. Other dishes to choose from include soup, snacks, and classic Filipino food.

Johanna’s Grille

Location: Bauan

Although this is the farthest from Masasa Beach among the three restaurants mentioned here, many beach-goers love to stop over here. Their baby back ribs are their specialty, but they serve a huge variety of other grilled food too.

In Anilao, there are fast food chains where you may have your meals or takeout food for your trip back to Manila or trip to Masasa Beach. There are at least two major fast-food restaurants in Anilao.

What to do and see

Snorkel. Besides the very inviting turquoise waters of Masasa Beach, this heaven on earth is actually located near the Verde Passage, an area that is teeming with marine life. Snorkel for the chill water, stay for the fish. Just make sure to bring your own snorkeling gear.

Hike. A common detour for Masasa Beach-goers is the Mt. Mag-Asawa na Bato. This rock formation resembles a couple facing each other. The highest peak is at 600 meters above sea level. It takes at least two hours to conquer this rocky climb.

Island hopping. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You are in a secluded beach island. Go the distance and explore nearby islands! Boat rental costs around Php 1,500 and is good for three people. If you split that up, you get to pay just Php 500. The tour includes nearby islands Sombrero Island (which is shaped like a hat, thus the name), and the small coves of Maricaban Island.

Shop. There are no huge commercial establishments in Tingloy itself, but you can stop by the souvenir stalls by Anilao Port upon returning to Manila. Prior to your departure, you may visit Tingloy’s public market for more souvenir options.

WiFi and Internet access

WiFi speed varies from area to area in Batangas. In Tingloy, which is located at the southern part facing the sea, the signal is at most average. Good news for Globe users since the signal for this network is pretty good, compared to Smart network signal. As for the Internet, expect average speed as well.

Masasa Beach Travel tips

  1. Traveling in groups always lessens expenses. This is especially true for tricycle and boat rides, and accommodation!
  2. Camping used to be allowed in Masasa Beach. Now that it is not, you can still save plenty if you book homestays and traveler inns, which are very common in this part of Tingloy.
  3. There is a frequent power outage in Tingloy. Make sure to bring fully-charged power banks especially if you are a heavy user of phones.
  4. Leave early especially if you are coming from Manila. Avoid the traffic especially so you can catch the last boat that goes to Tingloy Port and/or Masasa Beach, at 2:30 PM.
  5. Pack snacks during the travel to and from Tingloy, as the trip can get really long and stopping over for snacks or a meal costs time and money.

Sample Masasa Beach Itinerary and budget

Day 1

  • 06:00 AM Eat heavy breakfast
  • 07:30 AM Arrival in closest bus station from home
  • 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM Bus travel from Manila to Batangas
  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 NN Jeep travel from Grand Terminal to Talaga or Anilao Port
  • 12:00 NN to 01:30 PM Boat from Talaga or Anilao Port to Tingloy Port or Masasa Beach
  • 01:30 PM to 02:00 PM Arrival in booked accommodation
  • 02:00 PM to 02:30 PM Lunchtime
  • 02:30 PM to 05:00 PM Gallivanting

Day 2

  • 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM Masasa Beach
  • 09:00 AM to 12:00 NN Island Tour
  • 12:00 NN to 01:00 PM Lunchtime and return to Masasa Beach
  • 01:00 PM to 01:30 PM Return to accommodation and packing up
  • 01:30 PM onwards Return to Manila
Beach Tingloy Batangas photo by Masasa Beach Tingloy FB Page
Beach Tingloy Batangas photo by Masasa Beach Tingloy FB Page

Masasa Beach Budget breakdown


  • Bus Manila-Batangas and Batangas-Manila: Php 400 back and forth
  • Jeep Anilao: Php 80 back and forth
  • Boat: Php 160 back and forth
  • Tricycle: Php 100 throughout the stay


  • Php 1,200 (for a Php 6,000 room in a group of ten; good for two days)


  • Php 500 throughout the stay

Island Tour

  • Php 500 (originally Php 1,500, which is good for three people)

Souvenirs and Pasalubong

  • Php 500

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