Top 3 Discoveries in Bergen, Norway

Discoveries in Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a city on Norway’s southwestern coast surrounded by mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord, the country’s longest and deepest. Here’s my Top 3 Discoveries in Bergen, Norway:

1. UNESCO heritage sites

Did you know that there are 7 UNESCO heritage sites in Norway alone? One of the most beautiful man-made sites has to be Bryggen wharf. With a backdrop of Mount Ulriken and its shroud covered summit its great for photo opportunities.

Unesco Heritage Sites in Bergen
Unesco Heritage Sites in Bergen

This medieval harbor is famous for its colourful wooden boathouses. The houses used to be used by merchants but now you can find some great local cafes with mouth-watering pastries. The wharf also contains some unusual boutiques, my favorite selling silver jewelry based on old Viking designs.

2. The Fish Market

A fish market may seem like an odd starting point but then again, you don’t get quality like this in your local supermarket!

Seafood Market in Bergen
Seafood Market in Bergen

Norway remains notorious for its incredible quality of seafood. It also harbors some of the best freshwater fishing zones in the world.

King Crab is one of Norway’s more prestigious delicacies. Did you know that King Crab can grow in leg span by up to 6ft?

The Fish Market contains an indoor and outdoor dining area. You are able to feast on a seafood platter and watch the fisherman wheel their barrows by, full of fresh, ice-strewn produce. The highlight for me was getting up close and personal to live kind crab in their tanks. They are ENORMOUS!

3. Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen is one of the Mountains closest to the city and the most popular viewpoint. It offers incredible views over Bergens Harbour and the surrounding islands and Fjords. Standing at over 1000 ft, for those who do not wish to contend with some of the highest rainfalls in Europe, you can catch the funicular to the top.

Mount Floyen
Mount Floyen

Just an 8-minute ride will take you to the starting point of many hiking routes which adjoin Mount Ulriken. It’s also perfect for family cycling trips! There is a large restaurant and cafe at the top offering a selection of fine pastries. It’s best to go on a clear day to really absorb the outstanding views.

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  1. Wilbur says

    I have been to Bergen once and I have an ambition to return to see Peer Gynt performed at the Grieghalle. One day I hope!

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