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Top 10 Eats In Cebu That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Mexican Torta at Meximama Ridges

Eats In Cebu: Affordable Restaurants in Cebu

Cebuanos are the ultimate food lovers, this I can finally attest to. During my first week of stay in the city, all I did was eat, eat, and eat. With every block from the place I was staying at, comes a new dish to try.

Cebu Lechon CNT Eats In Cebu
Cebu Lechon CNT Eats In Cebu

Address: V Rama Ave, Cebu City
Phone:+63 32 254 6641

I once told my cousin how amazingly innovative Cebuanos are when it comes to cooking. They’ve always found a way to make a common dish more appealing and tasty. The prices are almost always affordable too.

So today, I’d like to share 10 of my most favorite affordable eats in the Queen City of the South. Bookmark this page so you can easily find your next food trip destination even with a limited budget:

Siomai sa Tisa

Address: 178 Sanciangko St, Cebu City
Phone:+63 32 236 0472

You haven’t tasted the best siomai in Cebu if you haven’t been to Tisa. A lot can vouch that nothing beats the taste of siomai at Tisa, Labangon, Cebu City. Every bite is a juicy and meaty affair (not starchy like what most of the commercialized siomai tastes like).


If you don’t mind that the stalls are located beside the national highway, I know you’d love this. Regular siomai costs only P7/piece.

Tuslob Buwa

Address: Corner of katambisan Village, Central Nautical Hwy, Catmon, 60006 Cebu

Currently the newest addition to the exotic meals found in Cebu, Tuslob Buwa has become one of the top choices of those who want to feed their hungry stomachs without hurting their wallets.

In case you’re wondering, Tuslob Buwa is a Cebuano term which means “dip” and “froth” – which literally describes how you should eat it: to dip in froth. Each “order” costs P100, which is composed of the main ingredients – pork brain, garlic, liver, soy sauce, and other spices plus 10-12 puso (rice wrapped in weaved palm leaves).

Tuslob Buwa Youtube Video

Larsian BBQ

Address: Capitol Site, Cebu City

Craving BBQ at an ungodly hour? Take your wallet and head on to Cebu’s favorite BBQ place – Larsian. The newly renovated “Larsian” has around 30 stalls offering grilled meat and seafood 24 hours a day.

Larsian Barbeque by Shubert Ciencia via Flickr
Larsian Barbeque by Shubert Ciencia via Flickr

It may not be the cleanest place to eat at, but if you don’t have a sensitive stomach, it’s worth every bite!

Joed’s Lutong Hapon

Address: Pres. Quirino St, Cebu City

If you’re into Japanese food, then this place is perfect for you. I’m not a Sushi fan (please don’t hate me), but since this restaurant offers a variety of dishes, I thought it was worth a try when I first saw it!

Joed’s Lutong Hapon photo courtesy of Joed’s Lutong Hapon FB
Joed’s Lutong Hapon photo courtesy of Joed’s Lutong Hapon FB

I ordered Pork Gyudon and it was honestly a hit! The taste wasn’t too salty and the seaweeds were fresh and seasoned. Each bowl of Pork Gyudon costs P95 only.

Oriental Spice Gourmet

Address: Maximo V. Patalinghug Jr Avenue, Basak, Maximo V. Patalinghug Jr. Avenue, Lapu-Lapu City
Phone:+63 32 238 4544

Oriental Spice Gourmet Cebu
Oriental Spice Gourmet Cebu

Quite far from the city but very worth the commute is Oriental Spice Gourmet. The owner is so friendly and accommodating, and offers help in choosing what to order when you are a first-timer. I had Indian dishes simply because I missed India, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The taste was on point, to say the least. Most of the items in their menu (if not all) are below P200.

Casa Verde

Address: The Walk, Cebu City
Phone:+63 32 412 3336

Baby back ribs at Casa Verde is the reason I gained 10 pounds in one week. Kidding! But seriously, Casa Verde’s Brian’s Ribs is something you should definitely try when in Cebu.

Brian's ribs at Casa Verde
Brian’s ribs at Casa Verde

One serving has a cup of rice, some buttered veggies, and large-sized ribs that can feed 2 people (or three for those who eat more rice than meat) and costs less than P300.

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Mexican Torta at Meximama Ridges
Mexican Torta photo by Meximama Ridges FB Page


Address: Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City
Mobile: 0998 989 0561

I take deep breaths as I type this section because the mere thought of Memimama’s grilled corn makes me so hungry. Located at Savemore, Mactan, Memimama offers a variety of well-thought Mexican dishes. I can guarantee a gastronomic experience here. Two thumbs up!

Kusina Uno

Want to know where the home of the best Pochero in Cebu is? Two words: Kusina Uno. Although an open air type, a lot of people flock over to this 24-hour restaurant to taste their best seller – pochero.


Pro Tip: Their serving eats 4 – 5 people, but if you’re going solo or on a date, choose their “nilagang baka”, it doesn’t have the bone marrow, but the soup tastes exactly the same as their pochero.

La Vie

Address: 371 Gorordo Ave, Cebu City
Phone:+63 32 260 4388

If you’re looking for a place to relax, perhaps wine is the answer. Don’t worry, we’re still on the ‘affordable’ zone. Cebu is happy to have La Vie Parisienne around, a French cafe offering wines and freshly baked bread. For as low as P290, you can purchase a bottle of wine and relax with your family and friends.

La Vie Restaurant
La Vie Restaurant Credits:

Lechon Cebu

CNT Lechon Cebu
CNT Lechon Cebu

Never ever leave Cebu without having a taste of the city’s best delicacy – Lechon. There are various businesses offering Lechon, choose one that’s nearest you. My favorites are Rico’s, CnT, Tatangs, Zubuchon, and Ayer’s.

How about you? What’s your favorite affordable places to eat in Cebu?

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