Sky Ranch Pampanga: A New Adventure Up North

Get Ready for the newest Theme and Amusement Park in the North –  The Sky Ranch Pampanga! This place is the first amusement park and the newest tourist attraction in North Luzon.

Balloon Wheel in Pampanga Skyranch
Balloon Wheel in San Fernando (Pampanga) Skyranch

Metro Manila has Star City, Laguna has Enchanted Kingdom, and Tagaytay has Sky Ranch Tagaytay. But, what about the rest of the archipelago? Northerners need not make the long drive to these places anymore for a fun theme park adventure. Pampanga now has its own Sky Ranch, Are you ready for it?

Loop Roller Coaster in Pampanga
Loop Roller Coaster in Pampanga

If you’re a fan of Sky Ranch Tagaytay, you’ll surely love Sky Ranch Pampanga! It will feature everything you love about theme parks plus a lot more.

Sky Ranch Pampanga Eye
Sky Ranch Pampanga Eye

Featuring 23 awesome rides, it’s sure to be a hit for every single member of your family. There are carousels, trains, bumper rides, log rides, and plenty others for kids of all ages. One of the main highlights is a roller coaster that’s out of this world! With its track and reported speeds, it won’t be child’s play at all but an exciting ride that will get your adrenaline pumping for sure.

Another highlight and one ride you must experience is the Pampanga Eye. At over 200 feet, it’s the biggest wheel in the Philippines. It’s so tall, you can enjoy a grand view of Mt. Arayat right from your carriage!

Best of all, it’s right behind SM Pampanga. You can do your holiday shopping while the kids catch a few of the awesome rides. Afterwards, you can cap the day with a lovely, romantic ride up the Pampanga Eye to catch the sunset. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Midway Games
Midway Games in Pampanga

It’s the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family! If you don’t have holiday plans out of town yet, schedule in a fun weekend here and enjoy the rides! It’s a great bonding experience your loved ones will surely enjoy.

Music Express in SkyRanch Pampanga
Music Express in SkyRanch Pampanga

Operating Hours

Sky Ranch Pampanga is open on on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight and on weekend (Friday to Sunday) from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight.

Sky Ranch Pampanga opened last November 30, 2014. For SkyRanch Pampanga ticket prices and other information call them at (045) 963 7681 or (045) 862 7712. Follow their Facebook Page via www.facebook/SkyRanchPampanga and Instagram at @skyranchpampanga.

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