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Tips for an adrenaline adventure in Jersey

Located just a stones-throw away from the luscious coastline of France, Jersey plays home to a myriad of beaches, plenty of bustling bars, many delicious diners and a multitude of exciting activities especially for adrenaline junkies.

Le Tour de France
Le Tour de France

The island offers a unique blend of French and British influence, which has created a culture unlike anything you can experience in other parts of the world.

As the perfect setting for everything from a romantic wedding to seeking high-energy thrills, Jersey combines the best of the rural countryside life, but with a fabulous coastline all rolled into one.

Offering visitors far more than just a trip to a ‘mini Britain’, the isle is awash with activities and events to keep a steady stream of tourists feeling welcomed throughout the year.

So, whatever season you visit, be sure to hop aboard these adventurous activities in land, air and sea!

Kite surfing

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If you haven’t heard of this combi-activity before then it is pretty much what it says on the tin. You may not have the best hand-eye-foot coordination in the world but that really doesn’t matter. Surfers will be strapped to a wakeboard and harnessed to the kite so you have ultimate control – it’s all about leaning at the right time, honest! Although fast-paced, kite surfing is great for beginners and regulars alike.

Sky diving

Fancy taking a break from land and sea? Then think like a bird and get panoramic views of the whole island when you jump out of a plane at 10,000ft. The fresh coastal air will fill your lungs and as soon as your feet touch the floor you will be begging to do it all over again!

Scuba diving

From high above the air to way under the water now, Jersey is home to some glorious scuba diving spots which are ideal for catching a glimpse of an abundance of marine life and some of the finest shipwrecks on ‘British soil’.

It is a great place to learn the trade and take your first steps waddling towards the shore, or if you’ve been diving for years be sure to chat to the dive shop owners – they are more than happy to recommend the best dive locations around the isle.


Jersey is a huge fan of taking sea activities and adding a pair of wheels. Take up blokarting, for example – a form of land-based yachting – and you won’t go home disappointed. Exhausted and super-glad you took the plunge? Definitely. But bored? Never!

Even if you’ve never blokarted before, you’ll pick this up relatively quickly even if you’ve never been behind the wheel of a car before.

Aerial trekking

If you have ever completed a high ropes course then you’ll love aerial trekking. Higher than your average rope and obstacle course, those willing to take on the trek will be subjected to superior views of the landscape and some tricky challenges along the way too.

Where to stay

With a number of places to stay at your disposal, Jersey ensures you have a good night’s rest to prepare for your busy day ahead. As the island is quite small, you’ll find that the easiest way to get around is on foot – great for fitness but it can take its toll after a few days legwork.

To give your body a blissful rest, or even if you fancy a relaxing massage to relieve your aching soles, this hotel in Jersey comes highly recommended from Hand Picked Hotels, who specialise in luxury lodgings.

Eating in Jersey

As well as the odd beer and cider festival, tennerfest (dinner for £10 at a range of island-wide participating eateries) and plentiful places to picnic, Jersey offer a range of restaurants to feed every foodie.

Plus, if you’re a gluten free eater, Coeliac UK have worked in partnership with the local shops, cafes and restaurants so you can eat safe in the knowledge that your dietary requirements are handled with care. A full list of partaking shops and diners can be found here.

Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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