Karate Kid’s Karate Chop satisfies supersized hunger

Foodies with big appetites for authentic-tasting Japanese fare are in for a filling treat. For meat lovers who want their meal extra satisfying, Karate Kid now serves up its latest offering Karate Chop, a savory treat for diners with supersized appetites.

Karate Kid’s Karate Chop satisfies supersized hunger
Big and hefty chops to satisfy huge appetites Karate Chop also comes with unlimited servings of gravy.

Karate Kid patrons who always crave for more will not be disappointed with the scrumptiousness of Karate Chop. Whether for lunch or dinner, these extra-large portions of pork, marinated in a special Japanese sauce and fried to a golden crisp, burst with flavor in every bite. For a truly loaded mealtime, it comes with unlimited gravy

With generous servings that are sure to fill anyone’s supersized hunger, it’s good enough to enjoy on one’s own or to share with family and friends. Indulge in Karate Chop whenever that enormous craving for something deliciously satisfying strikes.

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