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Top 15 Best Things To Do in Valletta, Malta

What are the top tourist attractions in Valletta?

Aerial view of Valletta city - capital of Malta photo via Depositphotos

Valetta Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Valletta, Malta

Valletta in Malta is the place to be for history lovers. The city is filled with museums which will surely attract your interest. Some topics you will encounter are medieval kingdoms, libraries, and even toys.

Given Valletta’s rich history, this city was known as the Capital of Culture and recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Here are some of the things you can do during your stay:

Visit La Sacra Infermeria (The Knights Hospitaller)

Statue of Grand Master Jean de Vallette, Malta photo via Depositphotos
Statue of Grand Master Jean de Vallette, Malta photo via DepositphotosThe Grand Master is wearing his armor, a sword, and Valletta’s building plans in his right hand.

La Sacra Infermeria is a hospital built by order of the Knights of St. John. This hospital was made to make groundbreaking treatments that treated the sick and wounded.

The facility has had several usages, such as a medical academy, entertainment center, and children’s theatre. Your tour in this tourist spot begins with The Malta Experience, a 45-minute film about the 7,000-history of the Maltese Islands.

Experience Malta 5D

If you’re looking for a more enjoyable way of learning about Maltese history, then Malta 5D is an experience you cannot miss.

Malta 5D is a cinematic show with special effects such as spraying water, moving seats, and blasting air. This 18-minute show also presents in 19 different languages and offers complimentary soft drinks for customers.

See the Grandmaster’s Palace

Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta by Karelj via Wikipedia CC
Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta By Karelj – Own work, Public Domain,  CC

The Grandmaster’s Palace is the city’s seat of power as it has always hosted prominent government officials.

The palace has the well-known Council Chamber, which is decorated with Gobelins tapestries that feature multiple continents such as South America, India, and Africa. Other places worth your attention are The Palace Armory and Throne Room.

Learn from the National War Museum

Malta National War Museum photo via Depositphotos
Malta National War Museum photo via Depositphotos

The National War Museum has a special place in Malta’s citizens’ hearts, given how it portrays its hardships during world wars.

The museum features historical war relics such as the George Cross, the Book of Remembrance, and a Bofors anti-aircraft gun. It also exhibits photographic panels that portray the citizens’ struggles during difficult times.

Watch the In Guardia Parade

In Guardia Parade in Malta photo via Depositphotos
In Guardia Parade in Malta photo via Depositphotos

If you happened to visit the National War Museum on a late Sunday morning, then you shouldn’t miss out on watching the In Guardia Parade outside.

The parade serves as a re-enactment of military drills of the Knights of St. John. These 45-minute shows consisted of cannons, explosions, and a riot of color as the exhibitionists wore their costumes.

Watch the Saluting Battery

Shot from cannon in Valletta, Malta photo via Depositphotos
Shot from cannon in Valletta, Malta photo via Depositphotos

The Saluting Battery is a dynamic site that gives people a glimpse of history. It is the oldest saluting battery globally, which has also been combatting naval assault for 500 years.

You will usually hear a firing gun during mid-days and celebrations such as festivals, anniversaries, and religious feasts.

Admire views at the Upper Barrakka Gardens

Upper Barrakka Gardens by Robin and Bazylek via Wikipedia CC
Upper Barrakka Gardens By Robin & Bazylek – originally posted to Flickr as The Upper Barrakka Gardens, CC BY 2.0,  CC

The Upper Barakka Gardens is the best place to see breathtaking views. The terrace garden previously served as a private training ground for knights from Italy.

This venue provides a panoramic view of the Mediterranean harbor with the cities of Birgu, Senglea, and Cospicua as a background. The garden also has plaques and statues of Maltese figures who were a part of its history.

Spend Some Time at the Valetta Waterfront

Aerial view of Valletta city - capital of Malta photo via Depositphotos
Aerial view of Valletta city – the capital of Malta photo via Depositphotos

The Valetta Waterfront is the city’s trademark promenade for tourists. This promenade is attractive in baroque buildings consisting of bars, restaurants, and shops.

You can also take time to simply walk along the promenade as you admire the scenic view of the Mediterranean harbor. There are also occasional events such as the annual Jazz Festival and the Global Run Valletta race.

Relax at the Lower Barrakka Gardens

Lower Barrakka Gardens by Simon Slator via Wikipedia CC
Lower Barrakka Gardens By Simon Slator – Own work, Public Domain,  CC

The Lower Barrakka Gardens provides a more peaceful venue than the Upper Barrakka Gardens. This garden is less famous; it offers tranquil scenery for people looking to relax.

Some of the things you can do in the garden are watching the passing crew ships in the Mediterranean Sea and admiring the Siege Bell Memorial. There are also plenty of snack bars and cafes outside the garden.

Visit the Fortifications Interpretation Centre

Fortifications Interpretation Centre by ContinentalEurope via Wikipedia CC
Fortifications Interpretation Centre By Continentaleurope at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

The Fortifications Interpretation Centre commemorates the heritage of Malta’s military architecture. Rather than pay tribute to wars, the center focuses on fortifications meant to protect rather than destroy.

This center provides an interactive learning experience to appreciate the art and engineering of military fortifications.

See the Manoel Theatre

Manoel Theatre by R Muscat via Wikipedia CC
Manoel Theatre by R Muscat via Wikipedia CC

The Manoel Theatre is the oldest and most important theatre in Malta. This baroque-style architecture might look small on the outside, but the same cannot be said for the inside because of its magnificent interior design.

Several productions are hosted here, such as ballets, operas, dramas, and music recitals. Even if there is no scheduled performance, the theatre offers touring services where tourists admire the scenery and learn about its history.

Learn from the National Library

National Library of Malta by Scramble via Wikipedia CC
National Library of Malta By Scramble58 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Valetta’s National Library is considered a national treasure in the Maltese Islands. The library has books, journals, and maps that played a significant part in the history of European and Mediterranean regions.

Some of the library’s famous collections are the 1566 Papyrus document, Archives of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, and drawings of Giorgio Grognet.

Explore the Lascaris War Rooms

Entrance to the war rooms in St. James Ditch by Frank Vincentz via Wikipedia CC
Entrance to the war rooms in St. James Ditch By Frank Vincentz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The Lascaris War Rooms provide a historical adventure for curious learners. The war rooms are a series of tunnels and chambers that served as the British War Headquarters during World War II.

Some of the crucial rooms you will find are the Navy Plotting Room, Anti-Aircraft Guns Operations Room, and the Combined Operations Room. There are also two displayed wartime tanks: the Matilda and M3 Stuart.

Learn from the National Museum of Archaeology

National Museum of Archaeology at Auberge de Provence by Frank Vincetz via Wikipedia CC
National Museum of Archaeology at Auberge de Provence By Frank Vincentz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The National Museum of Archaeology educates visitors on the Neolithic to Phoenician of Malta. This baroque building was previously the house of the Knights of the Order of St. John.

The museum’s notable artifacts are the Sleeping Lady, Venus of Malta, and the Horus & Anubis pendant. The museum also presents the other archaeological sites in Malta.

Explore the Malta Toy Museum

Malta Toy Museum in Valletta photo via Fb page
Malta Toy Museum in Valletta photo via Fb page

The Malta Toy Museum has been a paradise for avid toy collectors over the past few decades. The toys are owned by Vincent Brown, who owns a collection dating back from the 1950s.

Some nostalgic toys you will find are model boats, planes, cars, dolls, and farmyard animals. As you observe the toys, you also notice society’s evolution, which is the story that Vincent wants to tell.

Valletta Travel and Tour Packages

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