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Buzzfeed Writer Almost Went Famous in Malta and Here’s Why..

Malta in Black and White

How It All Began

Three years ago, a Buzzfeed writer almost went famous after writing about Malta. It’s a small Mediterranean country located between Sicily and the North African coast.

Erin Chack, the Buzzfeed writer, clearly remembered the date June 18, 2014, when she experienced writer’s block.

Since she was having a hard time thinking of a story, she went for overdrive and thought of a possible story to write. The last idea that came into her was her grandfather, who was born in Malta.

Chack – who do not have any idea of the place have googled Malta, and bam – there goes the viral story.

A few months ago, Chack was taken on a tour of Castille – including the rooftop – by Chris Mintoff, a Maltese architect who had started a crowdfunding campaign to get the writer to visit Malta following a listicle about the island she had written for Buzzfeed.

Malta: The Underrated Country

Each country has its own tourist destination or signature spots that are definitely worth the visit. Aside from the fact that Erin Chack works in one of the largest social and entertainment news in New York – which of course made it easier to spread the news – here are some places in Malta that awed readers, and hopefully you too can visit in the future.

Convent of the Good Shepherd in Balzan

Facade of the Convent of the Good Shepherd in Balzan. Photo via @maltadoors on Instagram

Wow, would you look at that beauty! This is the façade of the famed Convent of the Good Shepherd in Balzan. It is renowned mainly for its pastoral and philanthropic work among single mothers, battered wives, and lately refugees.

Take A Doors-pirational Tour

Wander around the streets of Malta and spot amazingly designed doors like these three.

Awe-inspiring and aesthetically appealing doors surround Malta. Check out this collage above.

The first photo was taken at Mdina. Those gorgeous shades of pink is just a delight to the eyes, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, the second photo is the interior courtyard at Villa Bologna. This place is said to be open as a venue for special occasions.

Lastly, the third photo is a random door somewhere in Mosta. Look at how the bougainvillea adds character to the whole photo. Doesn’t it look amazing?

For more photos of uniquely made doors in Malta, check out @maltadoors on Instagram.

The Alleys

Malta Alley. Image via Thinkstock

Experience walking in Malta’s narrow alleys and get to appreciate the establishments’ architecture. You can also check out some collection old tapestries and old forts that will take you back in the past.

Take A Trip at Gozo

Blue Lagoon. Image via

The countryside will always be the best option if you want to see the country’s best view. Take, for example, this island that makes up the Malta archipelago. It got its mighty cliffs perfect for scuba diving and is famous for its history too!


Ggantija. Image from

Visit one of the world’s oldest monuments, located in Gozo. Ggantija is a megalithic temple complex that is said to be the earliest of the Megalithic Temples of Malta and older than the pyramids of Egypt.

Vibrant Citylife in Malta

Some say that this country is underrated, and in my opinion, this one is definitely the place to visit if you are into historic locations, especially architecture.

Malta in Black and White
Malta in Black and White

In case you’re wondering, Malta also has a well-priced hotel where you can stay. This place will never bore you because local and foreign tourists enjoy the vibrant nightlife, various restaurants, clubs, and some cafes for gastronomers. You can also explore some located on the cliff, which gives you the best view of Malta.

Church in Malta
Church in Malta

Just a fun fact, did you know that the annual Isle of MTV Festival is being held in Malta, with some of the biggest names in the music industry as performers! Now you know where to spend your next summer, yes? Yes!

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