Things to do in Boracay during Habagat Season

While everyones ideal Boracay beach vacation was during Summer when the Sun is brave enough to show up, I learned that theres couple of good reasons why you should visit the paradise island during Habagat Season.

Budget Friendly – “Staycation” was coined a couple of years back to let everyone know that you can enjoy your most awaited vacation in the comfort of your own home or by joining local festivities without spending a dime.

habagat in boracay
Boracay during Habagat

I know it can be a “cool” idea but for a “gourmet nomad” wannabe like me, going places to sample local culinary offerings and the 101 ways of serving it is totally a different experience. Why would you contain yourself inside the four courners of your house if you can visit places with a shoestring budget?

Bulabog Beach Kite Boarding

In Boracay, Habagat season is the perfect time to relax, pig-out and enjoy without spending a fortune. Since everyone thinks that the “Sun” complete everyones Boracay Madness, tourist visiting this time of the year is fewer and everything is a lot more cheaper.

Discounted airfare tickets to Boracay are up for grabs, so check out and purchase your tickets online.

boracay during habagat
Playing with the Waves

Activities – It may not be the perfect season for skin tanning, diving, snorkeling or island hopping but if you love extreme sports, its the best time for you to tryout kitesurfing in Bulabog beachor in the white beach area since the wind is stronger and ideal for these types of water sports.

Batchoy @ Island Chicken Inasal Boracay
Enjoy Food

Relax + Unwind – If you want to relax and have an hour of soothing massage, roving masseurs are available in the whole stretch of white beach for less than 10 USD but if you think having a massage in public is not for you, multi-awarded Tirta Spa is also offering big discounts during the off-peak season.

Starbucks in Boracay
Have some Coffee

Yoga is getting more and more popular in the island. Contrary to what everyone thinks, Yoga is not just for celebrities, rich and famous and social climbers. You can enjoy, relax and meditate in the Island Paradise by just paying an affordable per session rate. Please contact Jing of Taj Guesthouse for inquiries.

Manny Pacquiao Shampoo
Go Shopping:)

Things to Bring – Forget about the sunblock and your favorite tanning lotion. If you are visiting the island during rainy season, don’t forget to bring Umbrella and Rain Coat unless you will be staying in a five star resort where everything is pretty much provided.

boracay visit
Windy Boracay

Law of supply and demand really applies on everything and with the help of proper vacation planning – you can definetely enjoy the island while saving for your next trip.

  1. Senyorita says

    I miss Bora! Perfect Getaway talaga 🙂

  2. erap says

    “On” Boracay, not “in”. Boracay has no title other than as the name of an island. It’s not a town or city. One cannot be ‘in’ an island unless that poor grammar than call centers use. The entire paragraph under the kiteboarding pic makes no sense in English, the usage looks like 5 partial sentences mashed together.

    Kiteboarding is not on bulabog beach this time of the year, its on Whitebeach side, the opposite. Wind comes from the west now. The rest of the year its from the east and would be on Bulabog side.

    Boracay during the summer is not ideal, its hot as hell with no breeze. I utterly cannot understand why people come here for Holy Week on vacation since its horribly uncomfortable.

    Staycation refers to staying home instead of traveling for a vacation… I’m not sure what that has to do with traveling to Boracay.

    One thing about Boracay is the food is fairly bland unless you’re willing to pay 1st world prices…. which is the opposite of why any human would ever come to this country, the cheapness.

  3. Amber says

    Hiya – I found your site by mistake. I was looking in Bing for Georgia vacations for my family trip when I came upon your site, I must say your page is pretty informative, I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time today to fully read your entire site but I have bookmarked it and also will sign up for your RSS feed. I will be back in a day or two. thanks for a awesome site.

  4. Metal Roofing : says

    oh just be careful with tanning lotions because some of them are cancerous too, avoid using chemical based tanning lotions `

  5. Boracay says

    Boracay’s a really cool place.. Lots of activities and fun. No wonder some people call it the next/second Hawaii..? 😀

  6. Jojie Alcantara says

    Nice post. Reminds me of my stay during a lean season when it rained heavily for 5 straight days and I didn’t get my sunset shoot until the last day out. Another thing, I was the only guest in a beautiful 52-room hotel by the hill. 🙂

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