The Pleasures of Phuket

Guest Post by Hannah Copues

With tourists having greater demands and expectations when booking their dream holiday in the 21st century, it’s no wonder that travel companies are rushed off their feet sourcing exciting and tailor made holidays for challenging customers. But, can we really call ourselves challenging for wanting a holiday that meets our standards, caters for our preferences and is most importantly cost effective in this stressful economic slump? Nevertheless, Phuket seems to be fast developing as the perfect holiday getaway for a number of reasons. Short of cash and still looking to escape your dull, daily routine?

Koh Nok Phuket
Koh Nok Phuket

 Looking for a unique destination to stage you Wedding? Phuket has also been dubbed as the new centre of adventure, water sports and activity. With all these appealing elements, it’s no wonder Thailand is attracting a record breaking amount of diverse travellers.

Known as the pearl of the Andaman, Phuket is the largest and most popular island in Thailand. From its tranquil broad bays of Kata, Kata Noi and Karon to its tropical inland forests, the island boasts a fantastic array of attractions. From the natural to the pre-natural, land based activities to fast pace water sport fun, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by something to see or do. With Phuket being full of superlatives, every person may have a tough choice in deciding how they choose to fill their days with so many options available to the colourful traveller.

pad thai
Pad Thai Goong Sod

However, whilst we can’t choose your activities, we can certainly provide a little steering and advice. This may certainly be required when you’re choosing where to wine and dine out in this desirable destination. If you love your food, you will love Phuket! Taking into consideration the elements which have made this destination so popular, dining out in Phuket is promised to be affordable, accommodating, adventurous and welcoming.

diving in thailand
Scuba Diving in Phuket

Offering a vast selection of dining experiences, you could find yourself in a sophisticated and luxurious restaurant one night, eating traditional Thai cuisine in a bustling town market on another or enjoying a relaxing lunch snack in a picturesque pavement café. One of the many brilliant characteristics of Phuket is the reverence for eating, so you can enjoy delectable dishes, whether it be Western or Thai Cuisine, to your heart’s content, any time of the day.

Whilst Thailand is worldwide renowned for producing a range of fresh and mouth-watering dishes with unique flavours and fresh ingredients, the experience of eating out is probably going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your visit to this stunning tropical island. Brimming with atmosphere and oozing with charisma, whether you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, your delightful, action-packed or sight-seeing day will be perfectly topped off with affordable and astonishingly scrumptious food.

  1. Scuba Diving in Phuket says

    A day trip is the perfect way to sample the many delights of the sea.This area is very good for finding leopard sharks, and the odd Black tip…

  2. Boracay says

    What a beauty! What a pleasure indeed to visit Phuket this summer. Nice. This’ll be one of my new summer destination targets this May 2011. Nice pics. Thanks for this post and sharing.. 🙂

  3. Surin Beach Phuket says

    Thank you nice article. I am someone who really love phuket. Last month I’ve been to Surin Beach and like this place very much because this beach is quiet, white beaches and crystal clear waters. Surin Bay Inn is the great accommodation, i stay here. It’s just like a happy family, everyone there is so nice and hospital.
    I am sure, i will come back. SEE YOU PHUKET

  4. Patong Guesthouse says

    Thanks for good story. It’s awesome and make me wanna go too!!!

    1. melo says

      where is your guesthouse located?

  5. Yacht Charter Phuket says

    Phuket is the beautiful place for my dream honeymoon.

    I love phuket, I love white beaches and crystal clear waters.

  6. Aiden Warren says

    Phuket FantaSea show was absolutely amazing. It is one of the best shows in Thailand! You shouldn’t miss it. Super highly recommend. However, do upgrade to seafood buffet if you want to have a much better dining experience. It’s a great place for family!

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