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Surprise! Photobombing Green sea turtle delights Apo Island tourists

What could the Green sea turtle have been trying to say, especially around #EarthDay?

Photobombs – the act of being in a photo you’re not supposed to be in – is usually a cause for annoyance, especially if you’re trying to take a nice photo with your friends or family.

But in this case, a photobomb of a nice island vacation was a welcome (and funny!) surprise.

Turtle photobomber photo by Diuvs de Jesus
Green Turtle photobomber in Apo Island photo by Diuvs de Jesus

A blog entry written by traveler Diuvs De Jesus is going viral for a photo that he and his friends took in Apo Island, located in Negros Oriental. In the photo, their photobomber is a green sea turtle that joined their picture from out of the water!

In the photo, the head of a sea turtle (scientific name Chelonia mydas) breached from the water and is shown along with Diuvs’ friends. The group was swimming and snorkeling near the shallow part of the beach, where sea turtles are usually seen feeding and swimming.

“Apo Island in the Philippines is one of the world’s best known community-managed Marine Protected Area,” Diuvs shared in his blog entry.

Diuvs De Jesus on Twitter Happy EarthDay post
Diuvs De Jesus on Twitter Happy EarthDay post

In his Twitter account, Diuvs also shared the photo with the caption:

“We were posing when this turtle photo bombed. A reminder that we can co-exist.”

Several species of sea turtles have been identified as “endangered” or “critically endangered,” while two other species are classified as “vulnerable.” It is popularly caught illegally for food in several countries around the world. Meanwhile, its shells are used ornamentally or for varied leather goods.

In the Philippines, there are several conservation projects for sea turtles, especially in areas like Apo Island, Calauit Island and Matanubong Island, where sea turtles still abound.

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A photo posted by Diuvs De Jesus (@jojo_powerranger) on

While it is a funny coincidence to have a sea turtle photobombing a vacation photo, it becomes a reminder for many travelers to help protect marine life, especially those that are considered endangered or vulnerable.

Often, some sea adventures of travelers may trespass the natural habitats of our beloved sea creatures. This becomes an important reminder that we have to respect their habitat and enjoy without harming the creatures. They contribute to the beauty of the ocean, which many visitors praise our country for. Let us keep these unharmed so that generations to come may still enjoy it in the future.

Photo and story source: Adventures ni Kulot

Written by Melo Villareal

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