Bikers rejoice! Tourism Malaysia releases ‘Discover Malaysia by Bicycle Guidebook’

Experience Malaysia differently with a new tour book that helps you explore Malaysia in two wheels.

Tourism Malaysia launched a new book that will give travelers a different perspective of the country: seeing and visiting the sights in two wheels!

A new book called “Discover Malaysia by Bicycle Guidebook” was recently launched, featuring 74 cycling tours that will allow tourists to see Malaysia’s natural beauty and outdoor sceneries.

Malaysia by Bicycle Guidebook
Malaysia by Bicycle Guidebook

Published in cooperation with over 30 local travel agencies, the book provides information on how to get to key tourist destinations via bike. In the book, there will be cycling packages available to locations like Kota Baharu and Kuching City. These packages will show information on how to get there and what to do in the area.

The guidebook will be available in several tourist information centers around Malaysia for free, said Tourism and Culture Ministry’s deputy secretary-general Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah.

Not one to lug a book around? It can also be viewed as an e-book via a QR Code printed on the front page of the book or on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Cycling tourists have flocked to Malaysia in recent years, due largely to its biking-friendly streets. Roads are generally uncongested, and several routes showing beautiful scenery and unspoiled jungles make Malaysia the perfect destination for pedaling explorers.

Discover Malaysia by Bicycle Guidebook
Discover Malaysia by Bicycle Guidebook

Recently, local government also launched “KL Car Free Morning” program, where use of cars is not allowed every first and third Sunday of each month. Participants are encouraged not just the use of bicycles but also skates, rollerblades, and walking and jogging. The program aims for healthier individuals and cleaner streets.

Hasbullah said this book will help boost cycling tours even further, making Malaysia a choice destination for cycling enthusiasts.

In 2014, over 4,000 cycling tour packages were sold in the country, contributing over RM725,000 in tourism sales.

Alongside this effort, the Kuala Lumpur local government is also creating a KL cycling master plan for the city, to encourage cycling even for locals.

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