Spectacular and superb, it has to be Sydney!

Spectacular Sydney

Sydney may be the oldest city in Australia, but it boasts diversity and a dynamic culture that has made it famous for being one of the most cosmopolitan holiday destinations the world has to offer. With an edgy and unique multiculturalism, the nocturnal nightlife and physical daytime activity is fuelled and ignited. Body-beautiful, yet still maintaining its strong historical appeal, the rest of Australia are fixated and jealous by the city’s ability to perfectly balance these two essential ingredients.

Bondi Beach Sydney
Bondi Beach Sydney

Whilst the Sydney experience is essentially a physical one, don’t be disheartened by this. The City is constantly developing and evolving, churning out a chocolate box assortment of activities to suit all tourists’ preferences and levels of physicality. We do understand that rampaging along the Coogee cliff tops on horseback is not everyone’s idea of a good time! Nevertheless, everyone in the city seems to be milling around outside, savouring the beautiful scenery and alluring atmosphere lining the streets.

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Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

Whether you’re planning on dunking yourself into the thrilling, wild-water Bondi Surf or have your mind set on the more relaxing sentiments, such as exploring the aboriginal heritage in art galleries or museums, you’ll never be stuck for choice.

Despite whether your launching yourself in adventure or not, your days will be energetic and engaging and your nights idealistic and indulgent. The city centre is brimming with fine restaurants, designer boutiques, lavish shopping departments, lively bars, luscious green parks and attractive marina hotspots. If that isn’t enough and you fancy venturing a little further, the suburbs are a maze of sandstone headlands, legendary surf beaches and lazy bays. You can relax, recuperate from energetic activity, or explore the stunning scenery before returning for you magical night out in the city.

Sydney Ferries Ebroh
Ferries Ebroh

Vary your days and evenings and explore the food scene. Sydney certainly has the eatability factor, offering everything from fine dining to traditional Australian cuisine. In the city, you could find yourself at ease in a picturesque pavement café or if you crave elegance and pizazz, dine with the rich and famous in a posh haute or nouvelle cuisine restaurant. If you’re roaming the suburbs, beach huts and open barbeques characterize the stunning beaches and scenic lands. Whether you treasure the national tradition or enjoy what you know best, Sydney restaurants will never fail to impress.

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Sydney Australia
Sydney Australia

Cliché it may, but there is no place in the world like Sydney! Don’t listen to stereotypical comments that suggest that Sydney is nothing more than a narcissistic ‘Sin City’ because you’ll miss out on a holiday of a lifetime. Suiting old age pensioners to bouncing toddlers, hard to please teenagers to honeymoon couples and singles to large families, this destination certainly serves to transform your long deserved get-away.

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  1. Pinoy Adventurista says

    my officemates are now in Sydney for some work there, they’ve been sending us photos of this beach… very nice indeed! thanks for sharing!

  2. Boracay says

    Wow! Sydney’s such a beautiful place indeed. The beaches, the spots, the wonders, the city, the women, the accent.. very interesting.. 🙂

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