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iPhone cases are nothing new as one can witness different collections of the same being introduced into the market on a daily basis. As one of the most popular brands, Pantone Universe has recently launched the viagra Pantone Universe iPhone 5 Case cover. Pantone has made available different color variations for cases with specific identifier number and logo. This will permit only specified people access to authorized information. The Pantone iPhone 5 case is specifically designed by keeping in mind the different color variations available in the global color library.

Pantone Universe iPhone 5 Case Review
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Pantone Universe iPhone 5 Case Review

Combined with high gloss IMD (in mold decoration technology), the Pantone Universe iPhone 5 case scenario is simply lightweight with hard shell snap specifically on cases. A truly functional design is incorporated within this product which gives an option for users to access a wide range of information and typical device features easily. Pantone color case typically sports a very thin profile without being bulky, features that will make it the preferred choice of those users who always wish to keep their device in perfect shape. Protection is given to the display screen through a front cover and the device can be easily opened by using a flip. The device screen gives it a true magnetic finish.

Pantone iPhone 5 Case
prix Pantone iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone 5 case scenario includes a leather material combined with a landscape viewing position. One of the most prominent parts of this design is that the case design offers separate openings for iPhone owners to conveniently use both camera and other most important device features. Some users also try to use the media option to listen to songs and video clips through the hands free device. In such cases, it is possible for them to hold up the case and use it as a stand.

Since it is made from silicon the phone case provides a non slip grip design which is highly durable. Full protection to the iPhone is guaranteed even if it is dropped by accident. The specific product dimensions are 6 x 1 x 11.5 centimeters including a total weight of 27 grams.

Pantone Universe iPhone Case
Pantone Universe iPhone Case

Pantone Universe iPhone 5 case is the perfect option for those users who are looking out for a protective case for their phones. Pantone Universe offers the iPhone 5 case in 12 multiple and eye-catching color ranges. The most striking feature is that each of the colors offers a specific definition to the user’s phone and can be easily identified. Pantone Universe has created a theme design based collection, specific for each occasion like office, party, and home. The brand also offers accessories matching the colors of the phone.

The Pantone Universe iPhone 5 case is available in four different color themes such as Brights, Color Blast, Royals and Metallics. Under each of the themes, different colors are included that match the themes. The brand offers a typical hard case and cushion protection, which renders a firm grip on the iPhone protecting it from slipping away from the hand. One of the significant design drawbacks is that the case exposes certain corner sections of the iPhone. By chance, if a user drops the iPhone on a hard surface, these exposed corner sections can be easily scratched and damaged.

Pantone Universe iPhone 5 Case is available at Beyond The Box and Digital Hub. Follow their twitter accounts at @beyondtheboxPH and @DigitalHub_RP and at Beyond The Box / Digital Hub on Facebook.

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