Travel Gadgets: iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation Tough Pro Portable Charger

The ever hungry power gadgets today demand a tough solution and the iBattz 12000 mAh mobile Battstation comes to the rescue of customers. The device helps consumers to stay connected anywhere anytime. You can now forget the worry of accidental drops damaging the power bank or splashes of water causing damage to your device. The power bank in the battery is designed to withstand all the tough conditions and this makes it viable. The ports in the battery are sealed and this makes it safe to use.

iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation
iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation

The iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation Tough Pro Portable Charger

Mobile phone devices today sport better displays, better features and outstanding technology, but at the same time they are also becoming battery hogs. A battery case for iPhone and Galaxy becomes crucial as the absence of it would cause battery depletion even before you reach home. A number of companies are now coming out with mobile power stations, and portable rechargeable batteries are one among them. Satechi 10000 mAh battery came out last year and now there is a strong contender to it which made its appearance in the Consumer Electronics Show this year. It is the iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation Tough Pro Portable Charger.

iBattz 12000 mAh Power Bank
iBattz 12000 mAh Power Bank

iBattz brings to customers a wide range of battery cases which also include Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case for the iPhone 5. The iBattz battery comes in various capacities and customers can choose from the line which best suits them. iBattz is more squared in shape compared to Satechi and measures 4.3 inches X 2.7 inches X 0.9 inches. The portable charger weighs less than 11 ounces and Satechi is only one-third of iBattz, although it has a capacity that is forty per cent of iBattz. iBattz features a silicone rubber protective shell and this makes it withstand all the bangs and knocks. However, getting the battery in and out is a bit of a hassle and there is a danger that one may end up tearing the rubber.

iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation Tough Pro Portable Charger
iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation Tough Pro Portable Charger

The power button and the battery indicator light are positioned at the top of the rubber and this will let users know the amount of juice left in their device. One end of the rubber features a flap which when lifted shows provisions that enable another device to be charged. The Battstation comes with a micro-USB cable, a Samsung Galaxy Tab connector, and a 30-pin Apple connector.

When it comes to performance, iBattz may last up to 8 hours and has the capacity to fully charge iPhone and iPhone2. With all these features, Battstation still claims that iBattz did not live up to its expectations. However, iBattz gives a better performance compared to Satechi Portable Energy Station. Battstation wins the battle over Satechi and stands out with its exceptional features.

The cons surrounding the portable charger are that it lacks a 2A port which enables faster charging of iPads and the rubber case which raises an obstacle to remove and insert the battery. The overall performance and positive features outweigh the negative attributes of the device, which makes it the best.

This particular model of the ibattz retails for Php3,500.

The iBattz 12000 mAh Mobile Battstation Tough Pro Portable Charger  is available at All Digital Hub, Digital Walker and Beyond the Box outlets.
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    I’m amazed about its dual charging features, not all power banks have this great kind of features. I bought my Battz Battstation Tough Dual Pro 12000mah at ( for my iPad because my daughter is always using it. This post is a proof that ibattz is a great brand to rely on. Thank you for this post!

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