Travel Gears: Thinksound Rain Eco-friendly high quality in-ear headphones


Thinksound is a leading headphone manufacturer widely known for the various ecofriendly products that it has launched in the market. The company utilizes ecofriendly raw materials in manufacturing the latest product models. Thinksound has recently launched a new product model called “Thinksound Rain” canal phones.

Thinksound Rain Eco-friendly in-ear headphones
Thinksound Rain Eco-friendly in-ear headphones

Thinksound Rain Review

The most significant aspect of this product is that is lays emphasis on overall sound clarity along with high bass. The Thinksound rain model mainly targets audio purists and uses natural raw materials for both ecofriendly packaging and the products. This is a perfect earphone product designed for complete listening along with thunders for higher bass.

One of the striking features of “Thinksound Rain” canal phones is the wood finish giving it a very natural and attractive look. The headphone body includes wooden raw material which is quite uncommon in the gadget world. A fine and shiny texture to the product is obtained due to the use of wood finish made from the pure flesh of a tree. A rich and clear sound even when listening to music at high volumes is one of the dominant features of this brand new product model from Thinksound. A live and soft sound is what a user can enjoy even when using a set of high end Etymotics.

Thinksound Rain in-ear headphones
Thinksound Rain in-ear headphones

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The Thinksound Rain model includes IEM (in ear monitor) headphones which are specifically designed so that the ear phones fit inside each ear canal in a perfect manner. In most cases, soft silicon tips offer a puffy cover for the ear phone and in a way protects the ear from hearing more than 80% of outside noises. This passive noise protection is one of the dominant features which attract a large number of users towards this rain model earphone product.

The canal earphone works great with iPhone, DVD, MP3, CD, PSP, iPod and other computers producing premium sound with high clarity and bass. 4 size ear fittings are covered with wooden housing made with aluminum baffle and the 9 mm speaker driver produces more of a high sound definition. A mega light weight design with PVC free tangle resistant cable is available to users together with a cord clip and a cotton based pouch being part of the final product design.

Thinksound Rain Ecofriendly earphones
Thinksound Rain Ecofriendly earphones

Thinksound Rain model earphones are offered with 3 additional silicon tips so that users can find the best fitting to their ears. The product is offered in 2 different color variations, silver cherry and black chocolate. The product patterns are the same, the only difference being the silicon tip color, white and black, and also the wooden housing color that will be different. The package also includes a canvas pouch and an optional clip which can be used by users to attach the ear phone cable to shirts or pockets very conveniently. A 6 month warranty is offered to the product by the company.

The sound precision while using this product may vary with the specific music genre a user likes and enjoys. The main target audience, namely, the audio purists will regard the sound produced through this ear phones to be classical and vibrating. A possible default in this product is that the vocals may probably sound distant while listening to hip pop or rock music.

For only Php2,950, you will have this nice gadget that you can use on your long road trips and all day music addiction.
Thinksound Rain is available at Astrovision/Astroplus Automatic Center, Avant, Beyond The Box, Bratpack, Greenbelt 5, Buzz, Complex, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Egghead, Electroworld, Gadgets in Style, GUI, iCenter iGig, iStudio, Mobile 1, Odyssey, Power Hub, Republik, ROX, Switch, Technoholics, Urban Athletics, Additekh and Banana Telecom.

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