Octopus Sisig with Okra by Mama Sita

Octopus Sisig with Okra Recipe: Lutong Bahay ni Mama Sita


Team Out of Town Blog Hub (Outoftownblog.com) – Traditional and Contemporary Philippine Cuisine: Lutong Bahay ni Mama Sita- Huling Kabanata featuring OCTOPUS SISIG with OKRA, with Her Excellency Maria Theresa B. Dizon-De Vega and special guest taster Filipino teacher, actor, and cast member of hit series Squid Game (as Player 276), Mr. Christian Lagahit.

Octopus Sisig with Okra by Mama Sita
Octopus Sisig with Okra by Mama Sita

In celebration of the forthcoming Christmas holidays, the 5th and final episode of the Traditional and Contemporary Philippine Cuisine: Lutong Bahay ni Mama Sita series features a special OCTOPUS SISIG with OKRA recipe using food ingredients exported from the Philippines to Korea such as frozen whole octopus, fresh okra and okra chips, calamansi extract, coconut oil, and Mama Sita’s Capampangan Sisig Mix.

The Traditional and Contemporary Philippine Cuisine: Lutong Bahay ni Mama Sita series is a collaborative project of the Philippine Embassy in Korea with the Philippine Agriculture Office in Seoul and Mama Sita Foundation. It was launched in August 2020, to actively promote Philippine food and food ingredients exported to Korea, promote Philippine culture in Korea, and present Philippine cuisine.

In the midst of the challenges of the pandemic, the Philippines continues to work on securing greater market access for our agricultural, fisheries, and food products in the all-important Korean food market. The Philippine Agriculture Office in Seoul with the support of the Philippine Embassy in Korea continues to actively promote not only our traditional Philippine agri-fisheries exports but also new food export items through online platforms such as this project with Mama Sita Foundation.

The series’ first episode featured “Pork barbeque with Papaya Achara” to promote Philippine export ingredients such as fresh papaya, coco vinegar, and Mama Sita’s Barbeque mix, the 2nd episode featured “Beef Caldereta with Saba Banana Turon” to promote Philippine Cardava/Saba bananas, muscovado, and coconut sugar, and Mama Sita’s Caldereta mix, the 3rd episode featured “Shrimp Sinigang sa Sampalok with Okra: to promote Philippine shrimp exports and Mama Sita’s sinigang mix as well as introduce Philippine fresh okra to Korea, and the 4th episode featured “Rellenong Bangus with Pickled Mangoes” to promote Philippine milkfish/(bangus) exports, fresh and pickled mangoes, calamansi extract, and Mama Sita’s oyster sauce.

This 5th and final episode may also be viewed via this link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=nEHdYzgcaDM&feature=share which also directs you to Mama Sita’s Recipes YouTube Channel.

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