Adlai Paella from Mama Sitas
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Recipes: Kusina ni Mama Sita introduces Adlai Paella Kit

Adlai Paella Kit from Mama Sita

(Manila, Philippines) In the recent International Food Expedition (IFEX) at the World Trade Center and Trade Training Center, Kusina ni Mama Sita showcased a wide range of Filipino flavors along with more than 700 food exhibitors from Southeast Asia.

Mama Sita's Adlai Paella
Mama Sita’s Adlai Paella

Carrying the tradition of a Filipino feast, Mama Sita served plentiful tasting portions including arroz caldo, chicken inasal, paksiw na bangus, pansit palabok, sitaw & tofu-stir-fry, caldereta, champorado, sisig, barbeque, and the newly introduced adlai paella.

Adlai is an ancient heirloom grain that needs to be preserved. The Department of Agriculture states that adlai is a great alternative for rice and they see a potential for it to be the solution for our national food security problem. Not only will it help feed our people, adlai is also a grain packed with medicinal purposes.

Adlai Paella from Mama Sitas
Adlai Paella from Mama Sitas

Kusina ni Mama Sita is helping to promote this product by packing it with spices in a nifty kit for convenience, such as their new Adlai Paella Kit – which can be prepared using a rice cooker.

Mama Sita’s Holding Company, Inc. (founded as Marigold Commodities Corporation) is a Philippine-based manufacturer of condiments, selling its products under the brand, Mama Sita’s. The brand is named after Teresita “Mama Sita” R. Reyes, a matriarch of the company’s founders, the spouses Bartolome B. Lapus and Clara R. Reyes Lapus.

At least two Mama Sita cookbooks have been produced, Mama Sita’s Cookbook (1996) and Mama Sita’s Homestyle Recipes (2010). They also have a website where you can get heirloom Filipino recipes using their products.

Check out Kusina ni Mama Sita’s boutique range at their kiosk in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City, Metro Manila. For inquiries, contact Kusina ni Mama Sita (FB) at [email protected].

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