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Steve's Cliff Restaurant

Boracay Terraces Resort Review

What seems like a beach resort in a private cove within a beach is bound to unfold at the rising of the tide; otherwise it remains as a resort quelling with peace and beauty at the end of the long white sandy beach, beholden to the splendid panorama of the most popular beach in Asia that is Boracay Island.

BTR's Tranquil seascape
BTR’s Tranquil seascape

Boracay Terraces Resort (resort info) owns this privilege, granting vacationing guests a beach home where they can enjoy the sea in tranquility.

BTR's sprawling beach front
BTR’s sprawling beach front


Boracay Terraces Resort (resort reviews), locally known as BTR, rests at the bottom of a cliff at the northern tip of Station 1, White Beach.


BTR has different kinds of rooms that fit perfectly for couples, families, and solo travelers craving for tranquility and comfort. All of the rooms are air-conditioned with cable TV, a mini bar, private toilet and bath with hot and cold water, and WIFI.

The Master's Bedroom above Steve's Cliff Restaurant
The Master’s Bedroom above Steve’s Cliff Restaurant
One Bedroom Suite
One Bedroom Suite
BTR's beach accommodations
BTR’s beach accommodations

On the three-storey beachfront building, there are Deluxe Double Rooms with a double bed; Deluxe Twin with two twin beds; and a Family Room with a king-size bed in the Master’s Bedroom and two twin beds in the Children’s Room, plus shared bathroom and walk-in closet.

Deluxe Double
Deluxe Double
Balay Apartelle Studio
Balay Apartelle Studio

At the cliffside, above the restaurant are three spacious bedrooms overlooking the wide Boracay and Mainland Panay seascape. One is the Couple’s or Master’s Bedroom with a king-size bed, a big bathroom, a small lounge area, cabinets, a big private bathroom and a wide balcony. Adjacent with adjoining door is Secondary Room with two twin beds, a private bathroom. The third, also linked with adjoining door is a Couple’s Bedroom with a queen bed, private bathroom and balcony. A fourth one for couple’s exists below these three bedrooms, just next to the restaurant.

Non-Beachfront Accommodations are also available at the mountainside of BTR, such as the Balay Apartelle Studio and One Bedroom Suites. Both are equipped with a kitchen, dining area, air-conditioning, cabled TV, telephone, mini bar and WIFI.


Given the real value of hospitality, it is understood in BTR that meeting their guests’ needs come importantly to the benefit of all. Thus, the staff congenially accomplishes guests’ requests, like transportation, island activities, room service of freshly cooked food at BTR’s Steve’s Cliff Restaurant, full body massage at the native style massage area on the beach, a kiddie corner beside the restaurant and a rustic playground for kids.

A rustic playground for adventurous kids
A rustic playground for adventurous kids
Native style massage area
Native style massage area

Entertainment is on BTR’s list with live acoustic performances that celebrate the fun beach life and the glorious sunset.


Steve's Cliff Restaurant
Steve’s Cliff Restaurant

BTR has its own restaurant in the name of Steve’s Cliff Restaurant, which is perched splendidly on the beach. It is where guests can lounge to the breathtaking scenery and enjoy complimentary breakfast of Omelete, Filipino and American Meals, Muesli, Oatmeal and many more.

Pinakbet served at Steve's Cliff Restaurant
Pinakbet served at Steve’s Cliff Restaurant

Muesli Breakfast Set
Muesli Breakfast Set

Throughout the day, the restaurant serves a host of International dishes like pizza, sandwiches, traditional Filipino dishes, appetizers like French Fries, sizzling plates like Sizzling Tanigue, and Barbecue Grills of fresh meat and seafood.

Inside Steve's Cliff Restaurant
Inside Steve’s Cliff Restaurant
Chocolate Banana and Malunggay Banana Smoothies
Chocolate Banana and Malunggay Banana Smoothies

For healthier options, the restaurant offers nutritious smoothies made with raw vegetables and fruits. Some of these items are Chocolate Banana, Malunggay Banana, Carrot and Mango Tango with sweet potato tops.

Overall Review

Considering its rather far location, as well as and its simple yet elegant surrounding, Boracay Terraces Resort is the ideal Boracay resort for couples and families wanting to be in  a tranquil and homely environment on White Beach.

Sunset beyond Steve's Cliff
Sunset beyond Steve’s Cliff

Boracay Terraces Resort (book online) is located at the northern end of White Beach, Sitio Pinaungon, Barangay Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan. Check their website, email them at

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