Why you should return to Boracay Island?

Famous Boracay White Beach

Why you should return to Boracay Island?

Indeed, Boracay Island is the most uttered Philippine island name in the world, the only Philippine island that is most remembered for its fine powdery white sand and clear blue water, and the one that has constantly inspired radiance and even celebrated the uniqueness in all who have set foot there.

return to Boracay
White Beach at Dusk – return to Boracay
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Like an island that undergoes a continuous flow of change, Boracay also experiences endless transformations, since its rise to fame over thirty years ago; from a virgin tropical island that sparkled like a giant diamond from afar, to a backpacker’s haven with a few woven huts amid coconut-covered coasts, to a remote beach getaway for the adventurous ones, to a relaxed island dwelling with a mix of raw and modern facilities for the city folks, to a world renowned party island, to an international sports destination, and to what it is now.

Relax in Boracay
Relax in Boracay

Where no words could describe the current panorama of this once lush virgin paradise, it can nonetheless be summarized as a “dynamic city on sand.”

Boracay Island may have received a sweet and sour cocktail of criticisms for the direction that it has come to now, it is without a doubt still a place worth returning to.

Here’s why.

The Beaches.

As an island blessed with a myriad of beaches with fine white sand and clear turquoise sea, on top of the assortment of comforts for everyone, Boracay makes as a top beach destination unmatched by many islands in the Philippines and even around the world.

Balinghai Beach Resort's rustic cove
Balinghai Beach Resort’s rustic cove
Puka Beach
Puka Beach

There is the long white beach where you can swim like a mermaid and see your colourful tail clearly flowing in the water and have sunset cocktails with a fun bunch after; there are exclusive resorts like Balinghai Beach Resort with private white sand coves where you can find complete tranquility amid dense nature; there is the eastern Bulabog beach where you can get chummy with the locals and watch the sunrise before the day enlivens; there is the family-oriented Din-iwid beach with a fine selection of delectable gastronomy; and more.

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While the islands geographical make-up is conducive to kinesthetic activities, Boracay subsequently becomes a breeding ground for athletes.

Boracay International Dragonboat Race held annually on white beach
Boracay International Dragonboat Race held annually on white beach

Kite and wind surfers from all over the world come for the annual Funboard Cup in January and gather the likes of them to linger on the island until the easterly wind dies down during the country’s summer season, which then highlights the annual Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament and the Boracay International Dragon Boat Competition, both traditions that have reigned in the spirit of the islanders and on their shore for over ten years.

Kite Boarding in Boracay
Kite Boarding in Boracay

And as these international competitions take place, other sports like Diving, Free Diving, Mermaid Swimming, Cycling, Kayaking, Hiking and Running continue to inspire nature-filled fun and adventure in many island dwellers all-year round.

Fun and Dynamic Islanders

Among the dynamic personalities of Boracay Island’s community, you will find at least one whom you will connect with and that person will naturally bind you to the island in a level that is beyond conventional understanding, rather on a cosmic realm wherein the connection is forced by raw energy expressed in heightened emotions and enhanced physical state, simply predisposed to good vibrations.

The same people by whose ease, adventurous spirit, wisdom, creativity, joviality and active air will inspire you to embrace the beauty and the victory of living a life that is bounded by no less than pure bliss and self love.

Easy Modernistic Island Vibe

For an island that offers everything under the sun, Boracay appeals as a place where you can fulfill your needs and reach many places of convenience all within a “beach walk” away.

Saturday Tapas Nights at Dos Mestizos Spanish Restaurant
Saturday Tapas Nights at Dos Mestizos Spanish Restaurant
Red Pirates Pub
Red Pirates Pub

One scenario is to wake up in the morning and jog on the long stretch of the white beach, then stop by D’Mall for your grocery, probably take a detour to the bank, have breakfast somewhere on the beach or back home, accomplish errands, go out in mid-afternoon to immerse in the sea breeze, gather with like-minded friends at a spot on white beach like Red Pirates Pub and watch the sunset, eat dinner out like at Dos Mestizos Restaurant or at home, then have a memorable nightcap next to the immense evening sky and the mystical sea.

Finca Verde Nabaoy
Finca Verde Nabaoy

And if you feel like escaping to the lush rural spots around the island, then take a sailboat to the Mainland and go to a flourishing watershed for a day like Finca Verde Nabaoy where you can totally commune with nature.

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In the center of this vibrant mix of Boracay resonates one’s inner calling to a greater awareness of the self and the surrounding; one that is quite timely towards the glory aroused by the innate nature of our environment.

Sunset Paraw Sail
Return to Boracay to experience Paraw Sailing during sunset

While all these are granted for everyone, it simply shows that a profound love and care for Boracay is essential for its lasting beauty and for the nurturing that it naturally gives back to its faithful dwellers.

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How about you? Do you have plans to return to Boracay?

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  2. […] Why you should return to Boracay Island? […]

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  4. […] Why you should return to Boracay Island? […]

  5. […] Why you should return to Boracay Island? […]

  6. […] Why you should return to Boracay Island? […]

  7. […] Why you should return to Boracay Island? […]

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