Modernising eco-friendly travel

If you love traveling the world, but hate the effect it has on the environment, you’ll want to find the most eco-friendly way to get from A to B whilst you explore. Luckily, technology is bringing us new and exciting ways to travel which don’t involve adding to our carbon footprints, so you can be green even when on the move.

Eco-friendly transport by Dominic Alves
Eco-friendly transport by Dominic Alves

In this article, we look at what eco-friendly travel methods are out there today and at what concepts the future holds for green transportation.

The electric age

As more and more of us start to get greener consciences, we’re starting to turn to electric vehicles. Electric cars used to be expensive, unattractive and unsuccessful, but the long-awaited Tesla electric car has changed all that. With American motorists lining up to buy one of Tesla’s elegant and eco-friendly vehicles, the rest of the world is set to follow.

Takht Lahori

It’s not just our cars which are gong electric either, as innovators are constant coming up with new ideas for making mass transportation eco-friendly the electric way. The Takht Lahori, for example, is Lahore’s answer to green travel for the masses. The impressive zero emission design came from Ali Murtaza and was part of a scholarship competition which asked participants to come up with innovative designs to improve their city.

Electric Car by Lynn Dombrowski
Electric Car by Lynn Dombrowski

The Takht Lahori is an imposing space-age looking bus with electric motors built into each wheel. The design would allow for locals to travel together, reducing the emissions from everyone traveling in their own cars.

Solar powered bicycle bus

What could be greener than a solar powered bus? Well, a solar powered bus with detachable bicycles should do the trick. The Bike Guide Concept bus was designed in 2011 as a way to make touring buses more interesting.

Not only did the concept run solely on solar-power, meaning it would be 100% emission free, but it also encouraged the tourist to get some practise in with their legs too. The detachable bicycles are the Bike Guide’s distinguishing feature, as visitors would be able to alight and explore landmarks on two wheels.

Hiriko folding car

If an all-electric car isn’t quite modern enough for you, you could always try a car which folds too. The Hiriko folding car is designed to fit into even the tiniest of spaces, and, measuring just 1.5 metres in length when folded, it’s every commuter’s dream.

The Hiriko car is not only perfect for parking in busy cities, but it’s also totally electric, so no need to worry about your carbon footprint. Deliveries are planned for early next year so watch this space.

Skhy Bus

The Skhy Bus looks just like a spaceship, making it even more exciting to eco-warriors of the future. Capable of carrying 128 passengers, this innovative concept comes from Portuguese designer, Alain Monteiro, and runs entirely on wastewater. As if that’s not eco-friendly enough, the Skhy Bus also takes in and disposes harmful carbon dioxide and, in turn, produces oxygen.

The Skhy Bus concept is pretty impressive and, although it’s yet to become a reality, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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