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Metro Manila Taxi Pick Up Service Telephone Directory

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Do you have an early morning flight and you want to make sure a Cab is ready when you are about to leave your place? In most cases, traffic and safety are two top reasons why we want to call Metro Manila Taxi Pick Up Service for our transportation needs within Metro Manila.

Metro Manila Taxi Pick Up Service Telephone Directory Taxi cab
Metro Manila Taxi Pick Up Service Telephone Directory

Big Taxi Companies in Metro Manila are now equipped with a two-way radio to connect with its drivers and to know who are available to pick up a customer depending on their location.

As soon as the taxi driver volunteers to pick up a specific customer, the taxi company telephone operator will get back to you and will provide you the Taxi’s plate number. The operator will also tell you the current location of the Taxi just to set your expectation.

Metro Manila Taxi Pick Up Service Telephone Number Directory:

  • 24/7 Taxi: 642-3525; 634-5980
  • ABC: 454-8717
  • Avis: 831-27-01
  • Basic Taxi: 352-7777 / 961-7777 / 362-2742
  • Crownstar Taxi: 747-3064
  • Dollar: 921-2383; 927-8718 +63(2)9212383
  • EMP Taxi: 293-5930; 293-5931; 291-7005
  • Green Taxi: +63(2)3662114
  • Lulu Taxi: +63(2)8962360
  • Hyatt Taxi: 807-0707
  • Mendio Taxi: +63(2)6977255
  • MGE Transport: 363-6096; 364-8260; 366-6287; 366-6214
  • Munchi Taxi: +63(2)7468918
  • Nine Stars: 330-1654; 362-9089; 362-1890
  • R&E: 362-9089; 364-9058; 330-1654
  • Reno: 931-3272; 931-2681
  • Sturdy Taxi: 330-3568; 361-1282 +63(2)3301654
  • Tai Taxi: 801-1093
  • Trends Taxi: 822-9345; 823-8951; 821-4685
  • Winelean Transport Corporation: 4373033; 09207447705
  • Xavierville: 788-0204; 826-1769

* In most cases, there are additional charges for Metro Manila Taxi Pick Up Service.
* Check first if the the meter is flagged down to make sure that the fare would be based on the Taxi meter.

To report problems or issues with abusive taxi drivers:

LTFRB National Capital Region East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1100
Tel no. 929-7366/ 925-7367/ 925-6789
Hotline for Taxi Concerns: (0921)428-7777; 426-2515; (0921)448-7777

DOTC Hotline: (0917)247-0385 or (0919)222-7462

Please feel free to suggest additional Taxi Pick Up service so we can add it up on this list.

Disclaimer: These telephone numbers are not constantly validated. We are not responsible for outdated info.

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